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Saebael Kennyron

“Nature does nothing uselessly. ”

Character concept by Sommer Parish, all rights reserved.

Current Status: Dead


Fur: Changes colors with the seasons (Spring: chocolate; Summer: golden; Fall: auburn; Winter: white) Her hair is kept long on the scalp and braided or gathered with leather rope intermittently. A signet diadem wraps around her forehead with her tribal designation inlaid with amethyst and green agate.

Face: Green eyes that turn amber when she becomes the earth warden. There is a light tattoo on her left cheek, under the eye that resembles an unfinished Celtic knot.

Mannerisms: She exhibits innocent curiosity and acceptance when faced with the novel. She loves to ask questions but is closed to answering any probing questions sent back to her. She is fierce only when necessary - preferring not to alter what occurs naturally.

Scars: small jag on the chest; round pucker on right arm; small slash on the right foot; and two small slashes on the stomach.


Saebel is from the Catata (meaning cat) clan of wilden elves that make their winter home near Rivercrown. Her house is that of Tyrneaghym (Children of the Forgotten Ways).

Early Life
Saebel was identified early on to be trained as a warden for her people. At the ritual for coming of age, when all Wilden are chosen by a creature for a sollas, she was chosen by the beautiful, white lynx Rumus.

As the the People made their winter migration to the area known as Rivercrown they encountered something unnatural in the world. Repeatedly the wardens would be called for a Maitas (death ward) ceremony as the undead began to become more numerous. Saebel has been sent as an emissary to the Caernyth people to extract a Vermil (peace bond/promise) against those that would bring abomination into the world. Saebel has never been so far from her people before…

Language: Bes - oath | Na - ancient | Sol - history,memory | -emar - honor | -las - wild | -rah - beast | -mil (-umil) - bond | Sollas - wild history, memory |


4E Stats

Level: 4
Race: Wilden
Class: Warden
Deity: Nature

Height: 5'8
Weight: 130
Age: 150


STR: 17 (+3) INT: 11 (+0) AC: 17 FORT: 16
CON: 15 (+2) WIS: 17 (+3) HP: 53 REF: 13
DEX: 12 (+1) CHA: 10 (+0) INIT: +3 WILL: 17

Healing Surges: 11 Surge Value: 13

Trained Skills

Athletics +10 Dungeoneering +10 History +7 Nature +12 Perception +12

Alertness | Student of Battle | Warborn Fury Style

Race Features
Fey Origin | Hardy form; Hardy form will | Nature's Aspect; Aspect of the Ancients, Aspect of the Destoyer, Aspect of the Hunter

Class/Path/Destiney Featuers
Font of Life | Guardian Might; Wildblood | Nature's Wrath |

Warden at-will : Warden's Fury
Warden at-will : Warden's Grasp
Warden at-will : Earth Shield Strike
Warden at-will : Resilience of Life
Warden encounter : Voyage of the Ancients
Warden encounter : Wrath of the Destroyer
Warden encounter : Pursuit of the Hunter
Warden encounter : Form of Mountain's Thunder Attack
Warden encounter : Earth Spikes
Warden encounter : Storm Throw
Warden daily : Form of Mountain's Thunder
Warden daily : Insipiring Word
Warden utility: Far Sight

Dun colored leather armor; longspear with Thatus inscribed along the haft (meaning vigilant ward); sling named Nae (meaning whisper); white fur cape with a hood; onyx dog statue

Rumus(roo mus) (path-companion), female - her sollas - bonded (wild memory) companion. He is a white lynx of medium size; Rumus has been bonded to her since she was of age (roughly 20 years old) and bears a matching tatto that appeared at the time of bonding

Lue (loo) (riddle), male - white horse that serves as her mount. When he gets bored he entertain himself with mischief.

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