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Campaign IX, Chapter 4, Session 56

Title: The Destruction of Koultris

Characters: Greff, Felix, Jin, Corrin, Argoth

Date: Late Vor, 1332 Avard

Synopsis: The ME team in River Crown is sent to the village of Koultris by the local baron, to deal with giants and bandits and perhaps worse.


Afternoon of the 2nd of Davor, 1332 Avard.

Short Version: The village of Koultris lay at the northern tip of the Janis Plains, and the headwaters of the Northern Cold River. Koultris was in one of the few places in the duchy that had plenty of lumber, up in the foothills of Mount Basilisk without being on the dwarven mountain itself. Two giants and double handful of bandits attack Koultris without warning, taking twenty villagers and most of the cows, horses, and other livestock. The villagers enlisted the aid of a journeyman swordmage from Lok Magius, who managed to free half a dozen of the prisoners. The others had already been eaten by the giants. The swordmage urged the villagers to flee, for he had only just escaped death at the hands of the giants – who were not hill giants, as he had originally surmised, but fomorians. The formorian giants had once been more numerous, but their kinship with magic had marked them for death at the hands of the crusaders and the Inquisition. The only other giants seen in Rakore in hundreds of years had been the hill giants of the Nabrolian invaders. The villagers and the swordmage fled to River Crown, spending some three days on the move, moving night and day, exhausted and pushed very near to their end. When they arrived at River Crown, the village of River Crown turned out en masse to help their fellow baroners. The baron, still hoping for help from the duke and the crown to battle the fell troll, could only ask for aid from Meridian Explorations. Greff, Felix, and Jin went to investigate, aided by the swordmage known as Argoth. Tagging along out of nowhere was Corrin, fresh back from ensuring the Tome of the Lightforger made it to her ancestral lands, after dropping Belsarius off at Lok Magius. Forewarned with the intelligence Argoth had gathered, the ME team attacked the palisaded camp of the giants. The team split into two fronts: Corrin and Felix on one team as controllers, Greff, Jin, and Argoth on the other team to keep the giants occupied and beat them down. Felix created a massive wall of fire that divided the camp, while Corrin held one of the giants down with Kayda's bow. A golem made of human bone meal, ash, blood, and terror erupted from one of the enclosures in the camp. It proved extremely dangerous, though Jin was able to shut it down with divine intervention, while Argoth and Greff kept the giants and the golem away from him. Err long, the two giants were defeated. Of the bandits, there were only smoked remains and haunches from where the giants had killed the humans. One of the enclosures was a smokehouse where food had been hung to smoke or dry. One of the enclosures was where the golem had been made – and where two others were in the process of being made. Another enclosure proved to have treasures, of a sort. There were two barrels of arcanogen, bearing the markings of a Kur Maen merchant – identical to those on the arcanogen barrel that had been found in Sholin village of Iaia. There was a chest with 2,100 gold pieces worth of coin in many denominations, plus other treasures taken from Koultris and the surrounding lands. There was also a huge leather bag made of cow hides, full of dwarven arms and armor and weapons – a pillaged tomb of the Stonehelms.

Noon of the 4th of Davor, 1332 Avard.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU22DEC2011

Joe (DM)

Dinner was about three gallons of Zatarain's red beans and rice, with green onion sausages added. We're borrowing a larger folding table, and it made fitting in a passel of us at the gaming table easier. There was no sign of Dave, so Sommer and Caileb filled in since there was no school the next day. We ran a bit late, and poor Bill was already exhausted from a long night, the night before.

Game Information

RPG System: Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition.
All characters are now 16th level.

Bill (Greff)

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Ross (Felix)

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Bo (Jin)

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Sommer (Corrin)

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Caileb (Argoth)

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