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Campaign IX, Chapter 4, Session 3

Title: Gueron's Cave, Part Two

Characters: Sorsha, Murdoch, Balasyr Xinskarr, Greff

Date: Early Dalan, 1333 Avard

Synopsis: The party finishes exploring Gueron's cave and returns to Chasadan with greed and ambition coloring their contracts, having discovered the source of the suppression crystals.


Noon of Dalan the 6th, 1332 Avard.

The four of them caught their breath in the cave. Their only source of light was the enchanted lantern Sorsha had brought with them, though it interfered with Murdoch's ability to see perfectly well in pure darkness.

The wealth and value of the suppression crystals that Gueron had found was considerable. Tens of thousands of gold pieces lay in their hands, and they wanted more. Some of them argued that the suppression crystals belonged to the Ducal Mage; others, that the crystals belonged to the local lords. Either way, they wanted more of the crystals, and were willing to risk everything to get them.

Gueron had rigged a simple pitfall trap that almost caught Murdoch by surprise, but the agile man quickly evaded the trap. The depth of the pit was considerable, and the party realized they were walking over a thin sheeting that was all that prevented a deadly fall.

Further down the passage, they found the source of Gueron's crystals. Some of the crystals hummed with stored energies, and Murdoch spent long seconds pondering whether it was worth it. In the end, he attacked, taking the energetic discharges with Balasyr by his side. Greff and Sorsha watched from around a bend in the cave, not quite sure whether their lives were worth the crystals. It was worth it, though, to help keep Murdoch and Balasyr from getting themselves killed.

In the end, they had more of the crystals, and more wealth in their hands than they had ever imagined.

They left the cave behind, carefully skirting the fire bats, just as the sun began setting. The fire bats stirred, and as the party made camp, made the flank of the mountain seem as though it were on fire.

The next morning, they wove their way back down the mountain. Murdoch's snowfell Able stepped in a large snap-jawed trap – and apparently a similar trap had enraged a huge boar in the woods nearby. Able was just freed from his trap, when the boar burst out of the nearby brush and attacked them. It was brought down within moments, and suddenly they had to deal with moving thousands of pounds of pig meat.

Sorsha helped make a proper travois, and her obsidian steed and Murdoch's warhorse Lethargo pulled the huge boar's corpse down the mountain.

Back in town, they found that the traps had been set by Lord Rustos, which quenched Murdoch's rage somewhat. The party gifted the enormous boar to the town, and Sir Turon Rustos declared a holiday. The boar would have to roast all the night long, but strips would be available to feed the town all through the evening and all through the next day. The miller, Donald, also brought out his best spirits and his best ales.

The next morning, after Murdoch had managed to get Vicar Petra Hazha off by herself, the party set out again for Chasadan. The ride was relatively uneventful, and they made good time.

Once back in Chasadan, they had to face up to Hershel Kavris. They were nervous about their greed, but Sorsha helped them smooth out their 'demand' into a 'request'. The Ducal Mage considered their request, and reminded the party that they were employees of Meridian Explorations. But… He was willing to give them half the value of the suppression crystals, which came out to 34,880 gold pieces. Divided four ways, they would each receive some 8,720 gold. Hershel would, of course, have to write off to Lok Magius for the amount when he had the crystals delivered, but he gave his word, and that was more than enough to put the shine of gold in the party's eyes.

Evening of Dalan the 8th, 1332 Avard.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU15JUL2010

DM (Joe)

I took awhile to write the recap, as I went on a four-day holiday to New Orleans. Woohoo!

Current XP Totals

Sorsha: 6970 (5th-level)
Murdoch: 6970 (5th-level)
Balasyr: 6970 (5th-level)
Greff: 6970 (5th-level)

Sommer (Sorsha)

No comment.

Ross (Murdoch)

No comment.

David (Balasyr)

No comment.

Bill (Greff)

No comment.

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