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Campaign IX, Chapter 9, Episode 01

Lord High End's Blood Mage

Location: Kashin

Date: Summer, 1333 Avard

Characters: Aegun, Genger, Orla, Leshanna

The team is given probationary status by Sebrina, Lord Shield Wall's secretary, to investigate some of Lord High End's stables. Meat, and not grain or hay, have been going into one particular set of stables known to be visited by Lord High End's arcane servant – a licensed blood mage.

While Lord Shield Wall manages the beasts of burden within Kashin, Lord High End manages to servants, prostitutes, personal cooks, and other personal servants of the city. Lord High End has been suspected of illicit activities in the past, but all have been proven unfounded or doubtful.

Next door to the stables being investigated is an eladrin apothecary who befriends Orla and Leshanna. Across from the stables is a tavern known as the Purple Horse, where Aegun and Genger fit in well.

More to follow.

Behind the Scenes

Date: WED31DEC2014

DM's Notes: We met at David and Lynn's house on New Year's Eve. Lynn is a coworker that overheard one of my wife's disparaging remarks about the dearth of functioning copiers, and rightly interpreted it to mean that she plays D&D. Neither Sommer nor I had played in awhile, and they were used to 5th Edition (which we didn't have, yet), and so we settled in for a 4th Edition session with little trouble. Lynn cooked, David hosted, and we were all fascinated by one of the children's mad Minecraft skills.

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