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Campaign IX, Chapter 5, Episode 6

Location: Holy City of Karmen

Characters: Steve, Slitharo, Mysterio, Gumbi

“In 1332 Avard, the Church of Mikindim had 1.1 million gold pieces stolen from it. A heavily armed caravan, with the cooperation of the local constabulatory, made its annual trip from the vaults of the Vishnael'Dur to the vaults of the Kranthagian Library. The Prelate in charge of the caravan was found murdered the day after the heist, his body dismembered, disfigured, and stuffed down into the sewers. The three wagons carrying gold coins were somehow separated from the rest of the caravan, and roughly 100,000 gold pieces were recovered at a warehouse some distance from the caravan route. Priests of both the Church of Mikindim and the Church of Lul were informed of attempted forgeries altering the route of the caravan in the days before the move between the vaults. Officials were put on high alert, with alternate routes being guarded in case of an attack. Despite all precautions and the forgeries, thieves still made off with nearly 1.1 million gold pieces. Authorities are also searching for the lead wagoneer of the gold section of the caravan, as well as a priest of Mikindim named Earnst Heimdal” -excerpt from the Karmen Carrier

Earnst Heimdal was a scrier of exceptional skill. As a priest of Mikindim, his task was to scry engineering works for faults, failures, cracks, and sections that might lead to disaster. Unfortunately, he was very good at discerning the faults in buildings to such an extent that he could also discern the faults in people, whether he liked it or not. He was also a doppleganger – one of those poor children changed by the wild magics left over from the past. Gifted as a priest of the Builder God, Earnst scried out four other dopplegangers, and without them knowing he was akin to them, brought them in on a plan to steal the Church of Mikindim's tithes. Earnst lost his abilities as a priest, the Builder God no longer granting his prayers – but it was too late. Earnst's scrying and knowledge of procedures let him and his four underlings carry out the heist of the century in the most heavily guarded city in all of Gaeleth. Each of the dopplegangers got a 100,000gp share, and Earnst left with the rest to buy a duchy in distant Tira. As a doppleganger with connections and a considerable amount of gold, he might one day become the king of Tira.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU28JUN2012

DM's Notes: We had homemade hamburgers with seasoning in the patties (3lbs lean meat, 1/3 cup Montreal steak seasoning), and spent some time after the meal firing off on the bows. Caileb's bow is an easy draw, which Bill described as “the twenty-two of bows”. Ross used my bow to put an arrow almost entirely through the side of the workshop, much to all of our amusement. After shooting a bit, we went back inside and worked out the origins of dopplegangers and their place in most societies. The evening consisted of skills challenges based mainly off of their Stealth, Bluff, and Insight checks as the party followed (and sometimes replaced) key members of the caravan. Having two dopplegangers replace members of the caravan (including the paladin leading it), and two more dopplegangers working flexibly to head off troubles or respond to issues, made for a very successful heist.

Ross (Mysterio)

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Bill (Slitharo)

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Sommer (Gumbi)

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Caileb (Steve)

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