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Alaire d'Montagne

Character concept by Caileb Linscomb, all rights reserved.

Thaumaturgist of Lok Magius
Summoner of the Fourth Order

“I am not a gate keeper.”

Date of Birth: Sometime in 1307 Avard.

Current Status: Spring, 1332 Avard. Alaire has been spending some time chasing demon-summoning stories around Rakore, in an attempt to find a way to unsummon them.


Alaire is a rather innocent-looking young man that dresses in a silvery cloak with his hood often drawn up. His brown hair is often unkempt, and his face seems so baby smooth that many assume elven ancestory of some kind. He carries no visible weapons, although items glowing like the full moon are often instantly in his hands during a fight.


Alaire trained at Lok Magius under Norion, after being discovered by the Lyle House some years before. Originally from the rural outskirts of Kashin, the young Alaire took to magic well, and through diligence and hard work, ascended to the top of his class. He remained at Lok Magius after graduating, helping derive many of the fundamentals of the 'new magics' in regards to summoning, and is considered one of the top summoners in the world.


Alaire works hard and studies hard, but when pressured, prefers to summon creatures to fight. His normally tempered expressions can easily become lost if the situation gets out of control, and yet despite that, he fights on with every last bit of magic at his disposal. He has a natural curiosity that is tempered by explorations into the dangerous unknown.

4E Stats

13th-level Human Wizard (Summoner)

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