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Character concept by Bo Brennan, all rights reserved.

Date of Birth: Circa 1299 Avard.

Current Status: Summer, 1332 Avard. Belsarius is a recent hire of Meridian Explorations.


Belsarius is perhaps 6'4“ with light skin and dark hair – and very light blue eyes. He tends to wear black, flowing robes, and has an emaciated, thin build. When forced to do magic, his arcane powers have the same light blue color as his eyes. He wears a silvery ring on one hand that, to the knowledgeable, indicates he has earned the title of Thaumaturgist from Lok Magius.


Despite being thirty years old when he first began his studies, he advanced quickly, leaving his past behind and attaining the rank of Thaumaturgist. The numbers of those who had earned the rank of Thaumaturgist was small; Belsarius wore one of the only 48 such rings in all the world.

Despite all that power and training, he had failed miserably. Hoping to garner respect and in search of adventure, Belsarius had joined Meridian Explorations, whose exploits had become legend in just a few short months. On Belsarius' first mission with ME, he and the other five men and women with him had been attacked by werewolves, nearly crushed in a cave in, and then attacked by smithbane monsters. Belsarius was the only one to survive.

After spending several weeks recuperating, he felt fine, physically – but he needed to prove to himself that he was not useless. He felt it was time to go out, again, and prove to the stars that mages were capable of great and good deeds.


Belsarius is a good-natured man with a bedrock harder than steel. Whatever his past before he became a mage with a good heart, he did something hard and grisly.

4E Stats

15th Level Warlock
Belsarius has a -1 penalty to attacks and damage during the Burne (11th-16th of the month), and a +2 bonus to attacks and damage during the Freeze (27th and 28th of the month).

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