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Campaign IX, Chapter 3, Session 9

Characters: Rain, Sim, Kaire, Brandis

Date: Mid Dacal, 1331 Avard

Synopsis: A beholder has escaped the Arcane Shield, and kidnapped a score of soldiers and many children besides. The party finds them all dominated in a warehouse along the shore – and must battle them all without killing any of them.


Morning of Dacal the 16th, 1331 Avard.

To be written by David Green from the perspective of the changeling bard Sim.

Sim was sent to Teras as an envoy/investigator to track down and stop a pair of outlaw doppelgangers. He was playing a lively tune on his flute for the crowd in the inn, , when Reeve Rain entered and asked him to accompany her to see Ex-Reeve Joshua. When they arrived at the tavern, _ , Kaire and Brandis were there as well. Joshua explained that a stone tablet had been delivered to the Arcane Shield a couple days before and something had exploded through the back wall. He also explained that a tenement a few blocks away had it's third-floor wall blown out and the people housed within (a score of guards and some children) were missing. The party was charged with finding the source of the trouble as discretely as possible and cleaning it up.

Sim, though not his primary mission, was intrigued by the possible arcane nature of the stone tablet - thus suggested visiting the Arcane Shield first. The party agreed, though Rain had already seen the destruction, and made their way to the store. Inside, Lady Madeline explained that she was upstairs in bed when the explosion happened and that when it did the golems deactivated and her amulet of control was damaged. After inspecting the tablet and with Lady Madeline's help, the party discerned that the stone conjured something and must've drained the arcane power in the area to do so. Apparently, a seeker had been in the store the previous day and had one of his dogs activate the stone. Sim was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of information coming from Lady Madeline and his new companions but in the end it all made some kind of sense to the bard. The party then decided to check out the tenement.

… (to be finished a little later)

Evening of Dacal the 17th, 1331 Avard.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU24JUN2010

DM (Joe)

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Sommer (Rain)

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Ross (Kaire)

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David (Sim)

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Bill (Brandis)

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