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Campaign IX, Chapter 4, Session 60

Title: Your Mother, the Baroness

Characters: Greff, Felix, Argoth

Date: Early Davor, 1332 Avard

Synopsis: Felix's mother, a baroness, shows up at a posh party in Chasadan, and then ME is attacked by a lich intent on killing the baroness.


Evening on the 10th of Davor, 1332 Avard.

Short Version: The guilds of Chasadan decided to have a banquet to discuss how the city would be run while the military was called up and out onto the plains. The guilds invited William Kavris, leader of Meridian Explorations, to be the guest of honor. William, not a social individual, sent Felix and Greff to represent ME in his stead. Thinking ahead, Felix asked William to send a page – and William offered the services of twelve year old Torilda. Torilda had been an orphaned child that accompanied the monks of Lul, and had tried a variety of positions. She was an accomplished scribe – one of the fastest William had ever seen – but too short on patience to spend the rest of her life as a scribe. Torilda, then, would accompany Felix and write down names, contacts, and other information for ME. Felix half expected a social disaster with Greff in public with alcohol, Greff who had more than once said, “I can't NOT punch someone – to death!” The githzerai proved to be a surprise, able to talk with the bourgeois and powerful merchants of the city with ease. Felix and Greff both worked the crowd, enjoying the attentions of the guilds. Not long after the two of them started enjoying themselves, the Baroness of Aetheneseseleth Kasaen of Inoth'aeck was announced as a guest to the banquet. Felix's mother had arrived from Banoc'bae. While Felix and his mother caught up on fifty years of history as though it were a dead and dry topic. Argoth, whom had fought alongside Felix and Greff in Koultris, managed to slip into the banquet pretending to be a bodyguard to one of the richer burghers. Argoth had gone south from River Crown to Rustos, and then east to Chasadan, inadvertently missing the army of warforged out on the plains. After Felix and Greff had left River Crown, Argoth heard the stories of Meridian Explorations, and realized what kind of an opportunity he had missed. Wanting to join ME, Argoth sought the two out in Chasadan – and found them at the banquet. ME was immune to the Call to Arms going on, as were those who too old or too young or considered 'vital' to running the city. Indeed, Ryviik had already captured a thief and would-be murderer just that morning, justifying ME's presence to the Guard remaining in the city. At some point during the banquet, Felix and Greff were introduced to William Dubois – who, according to Kayda, was the intended recipient of a powerful bow and a set of bracers, all enchanted beyond measure. William himself did not have the look of an archer about him, and the moment the team recognized the name, William pleaded an excuse and disappeared into the crowd. Argoth found Greff and Felix inside the banquet, and after some probing questions, they decided to bring him along and help William hire the swordmage. After the banquet, the team left for the ME manor – only to be nearly run over by a carriage filled with undead and necromantic ballistae. A lich launched glowing green soul bombs at them, and pulled up a wall of writhing green souls to defend himself. The horses of the carriage pulled free of their skins and melded into one skeleton that attacked, as well. Felix managed to get off a powerful burst of arcane fire, before the attacks began to wear on him. The lich focused most of his necrotic abilities on Felix, seeming to home in on him to the exclusion of the others. Felix, worn down almost entirely, knocked out and then revived by enchanted peppermint leaves from Greff, accidentally detonated one of his arcane fires on himself and everyone around him. Torilda, already hurt by the fighting, was scarred across one side of her neck by the intense mage fire. Greff and Argoth managed to dispatch the lich and his minions, but it took several bursts of intense cold on the giant skeletal horse before it could be brought down. The fighting had been fast and intense, and was over within moments. All four of them had to sit down in the darkness of the street, while the Guard ran slowly towards them with lanterns held high. Felix, slowly examining the lich's skeleton with burned hands, found several items enchanted with arcane powers. One of them was a torc made of human finger bones, each with a small feather bound to it. Another item was a ring that Felix belatedly realized was homing in on his blood. ME had not been the intended victim of the undead necromancer. Felix's mother had been the target.

Late evening of the 10th of Davor, 1332 Avard.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU16FEB2012

Joe (DM)

Dinner was sphagetti, and Sommer made it well. She thought about joining us, but her pregnancy demanded a nap, instead. Ross tends to either roll high, or roll low, with little in between. In this case, he rolled double ones while trying to get off another fireball on the skeletal horses – and instead it detonated right on top of him! Seems like I'm missing something important in this recap, but I can't quite remember it, right now. I do miss having the time to write the long ones!

Game Information

RPG System: Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition.
All characters are 16th level.

Bill (Greff)

No comment.

Ross (Felix)

William De Bulloys!

Joe (DM)

Thank you, Ross. I've added it, with a spelling a bit easier to remember.

Caileb (Argoth)

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