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Campaign IX, Chapter 11, Episode 25

A New Day

Location: In the forests south-southeast of Mount Lavanor

Date: Summer to Late Summer, 1333 Avard

Characters: Este, Halite, Nalani, Isaac, Xydeco, Izabella, Zarolie, Anatoli, people

The team fled the walled enclosures of the chuul queen and her offspring in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm. Once safely away, they took shelter beneath the great wings of the two rocs, and then Nalani put up a magical shelter of pure energy. There, they talked until the storm abated. Este's brother needed to go before the lords; his talk of amulets that could cause civil war, his knowledge of the assassination of the Alsavier Duke, and his link to the Traitor called Herod Notimeh meant that he had to go back. Izabella argued taking him in immediately, and chose to take the smaller roc hawke to Mount Basilisk. Este would go with her, and from there to his family lands.

Isaac had seen enough. He was ready to retired from a life of adventuring. He chose to return to Firland and speak with the tomanth friends there. Xydeco, ever Isaac's friend, chose to go with him. The two were dropped off by the larger roc-hawke and good-byes, after first Halite and then Nalani were dropped off at Mount Lavanor and Lok Magius, respectively.

Este abdicated the inheritance of the title Lord of Autumn Stones, causing a scramble among his six sisters for the title. He quickly left.

Behind the Scenes

Date: SUN14JAN2018

DM's Notes: Dinner was beef and barley soup, with sausage thrown in. This was a leveling session to get the characters to 6th level. Saige was unhappy with Izabella's bondage to Este and wanted to bring in a different character. James/Aiden was unhappy with Isaac as a bard, and wanted to bring in another character. And since Xydeco came in with Isaac, Alex felt he would likely leave with Isaac, so he brought in a new character, too. Keeping three originals and bringing in three new characters will change the dynamic of the party considerably. I look forward to challenging them.

Reference: Campaign IX
Previous: IX-11-24

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