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The people of Gaeleth are a strange and varied bunch, from spymasters to minotaurs, shadows to merfolk. Among all those people, some few have risen to considerable importance. They are divided among Player Characters (PCs) and non-Player Characters (or NPCs). There are still quite a few people on Gaeleth, so brief character descriptions have been provided, where possible. If necessary, press [CTRL] [F] from most browsers to 'find' a key word or person you need to look up.

The Encyclopedia of NPCs is an incomplete list of people the PCs have encountered over the years, and contains bare-bones information about those people.

For a generic character profile, see the blank profile.


Genesee Shalamarteen - Ducal Heir of Hallis Island
Droog Grimfire - dwarven priest of Galgiran to the orcish duchy
Ethosivalisan Eskesieresal (a.k.a. 'Ethos') - priest of Whalin and rep to the sylvan duchy in Rakore
Fairyth - Sergeant-for-Hire, Rakore
Gundar - Special Agent of FireStorm
Jalik - Rakoran sellsword and mercenary
Lilac - Druidess and Duchess-apparent for Hallis Island
Lo-Kag - a goliath from the arctic lands
Malkir - baron of Archeria, on Maddog Island, Rakore
Rottgutt Stoneballs - Thane in Loregard, Part Owner of GE
Talon Bhramord - Duke of Rakore, ArchPrelate of Yatindar
Xavier DeVoth - Assassin for the King of Rakore
Jynx Maysolu - mage smuggler
Xennith - Agent of the Bat in Rakore
Kelmok Nightstrider (a.k.a. 'Kelly') - Captain of the Privateer Nightstrider

HMV Rattler II

Bjarne Bearstrider - half elemental marine aboard the Rattler II
Cassandra - ship's doctor for the Rattler II
Hrothgar - Gnoll marine aboard the Rattler II
Seamus - Commodore of the Rakoran flagship Rattler II
Seraphina Scrubfire - halfling battlemage for Commodore Seamus
Maui - Bodyguard and Priest of Olorin for Commodore Seamus
Jena - Winged Paladin of Yatindar with Commodore Seamus
Angus Stonehelm - thane and chief marine for the Rattler II
Tor - marine minoatur for the Rattler II
Trixie - Spy for Commodore Seamus
Xavien de Lance - Battlemage Marine for Commodore Seamus
Cleo - bodyguard to Commodore Seamus – and his lover

River Crown

Aelar Wildstep - Shaman of River Crown, Order of Caerne
Liam Caerne - Paladin of Whalin, Order of Caerne
Telamon Williamson - Ranger of River Crown, Order of Caerne
Maleah - Invoker Deva, Godmother to Clan Caerne


Himamoto Aliunii - Apothecary
Himamoto Hotaru - Apothecary (a.k.a 'Jade Mantis')
Johannes Whermak - priest of Arpelos in Rakore
Sammeth Knar - Rakoran archaeologist and explorer


Torak - Count of Chasadan, Prelate of Yatindar
Storm - Cleric of Brigain, and winged drow'ari
Poy - Abbot of Brigain in Chasadan, Rakore
Lorvaden Degrance - Temple Guardian of Arpelos in Chasadan
Roswyn - Artificer for the Duke of the Janissaries
Sorsha - Bard, apprentice to Roswyn
Aeron - Captain of the Guard for Meridian Explorations
Orren - Sergeant of the Guard for ME
Graven - Artifact War-Forged with the Ducal Mage
Hearne - Druid for Meridian Explorations
Ryviik - Manager and Archer for Meridian Explorations
Greff - Strong arm of ME
Corrin - Procurement and Acquisitions for ME
Murdoch - Fleet Commander for ME
Balasyr - Scribe and arcane researcher for ME
Nadar - Dragonborn smith and warrior for ME
Kuori - Goliath warrior for ME
Varis - Kenku scout for ME
Arkhan - Dragonborn Defender of Xynosalionisis, ME warrior
Erik - Half-elven Runepriest of Ktath
Felix - Mage with Meridian Explorations; Adjutant to the Ducal Mage


Aust Nailo - cleric of Xoriah
Gabriel - Master of the Lyle House
Saranella - Chosen of Xoriah
Simon Vadent - Priest of Xoriah
Nicholai Mithralson - Master Instructor for the Wolves' Den
Rain - Reeve and Bailiff
Aegun - dwarven mercenary

Lok Magius

Brin – Mistress of Lok Magius
Falkrin - a halfling sorceror from Lok Magius
Delbin Arcanus – most powerful mage in Rakore – and most insane
Nalfein - Necromancy Instructor for Lok Magius, Rakore
Norion - Extraplanar Studies Instructor, Lok Magius
P'Arkon - Knight-Sorceror, Expert in Demonology for Lok Magius
Savana Beth Lomaksan - Mage and librarian in Lok Magius
Reed Kieth - Mastermind behind Firestorm, at Lok Magius
Kirad - master of Firestorm and secretary of Lok Magius
Elestrion - blade song instructor at Lok Magius
Rell - Cleric of Agincoth, Librarian for Lok Magius
Kaisume Setatoro - Bodyguard to the FireStorm mage Rell
Genecelot Foresthene - Defender of Nature


Zachary Kantor (a.k.a. 'Zap') - Knight of Rakore, Wolf of Rahne, in Takanal
Warvold Deepsmith - Thane of Daggoneth, Rakore
Ta'Crae Sandrider - FireStorm operative for Takanal, Rakore

Star's End Monastery

Lintrell - human spearman, Killed In Action (KIA)
Yurok - half-orc thug
Stonda - Kalashtari diplomat
Batri - Halfling assassin and sociopathic killer
Morion - human
Madresh - Dragonborne Banner Paladin of Samis
Halkad - warlock of the Infernal Pact of Vengeance, bodyguard to the Lady Stonda
Koristhene - twinned elven monk of Samis
Jariskorn - twinned elven monk of Samis
Lo-Kan - Goliath soldier


Dwarfendale - the Baron-and-the-Bishop of Mount Rilan and Lok Giran
Rain Straith - Wife to Tramin McNeilson, Horsewoman of Rilan, Rakore
Tramin McNeilson - Bard in Rilan, Rakore

Stonehelm Clan

Ahira Bandylegs - baron of Rakore under the Stonehelm Clan
Chimera - half elf / half orc with a dwarven attitude

Lok Sadic

Phoenix Rising - Druidess for Lok Sadic, Rakore
Sadic Brevit - Baron of Lok Sadic

Spider Werkz

Kozak - Shadow Guardian to Sarah
Sarah - Prioress of Whalin, Spider Werkz
Jandor Firelight - Wild Mage and master of Spider Werkz, Blatoon Island, Rakore

Alekdan Principalities

Sam - Over'raj in the Alekdan Principalities
Kerri - Ticata Sorceress and Druidess for Over'raj Sam

Wuron Sfa, The Dragon Nation

Aerlyn Sendant - Lords' Hunter in Wuron Sfa
Helcar - Dwarven Smith in Wuron S'fa
Kerith Sendant - 'Master Farmer' for the Dragon Nations
Artimus Sendant - monk of Mikindim in Wuron Sfa
Morbad de'Banoc - Counter-seeker for the Dragon Nation

Quest for Al Mudim

Xzaxilathalanus - Half-dragon Knight of Rakore to the Dragon Nations
N'Kara Nightstar - Catty drow'ari druid
Lucian Nailo - Mage hunter for the relic Al Mudim
Taryn - elven cleric of Xynos

Kur Maeth

Dolon Uther - Linguist, Spymaster
Lucard Wildstep - Avenger of Arpelos, Order of Caerne


Thri'Sil Fir'mae - shadowy drow'ari, Special Agent of FireStorm
Handir Fir'mae - shadowy drow'ari, Special Agent of FireStorm

Missing or Dead

Saebael Kennyron - Ambassador of the Wilden
Grania - mercenary from Firland, Rakore
Caloom - deceased thief from the War of the Undead
Cephus - 'the Lavender', warlock from Lok Magius
Draelien Bloodbanner - warlord hired by Mage Horbe
Henrik Kamus (a.k.a. 'Prat') - Deceased Duke of Hallis Island
Garet Fellhaft - a sellsword hired by Mage Horbe

Various, Scattered Locations

Garalus - Chosen of Arpelos
Atsu Kanzaki - self aware golem hunting the God Slayer sword
Barome Revelstoke - Shadow Guardian to the dwarven priest Droog Grimfire
Hadarai Jelenneth - a wizard hired by Mage Horbe
Hone Galadel (a.k.a. Moonwhisper) - GE Operative
Kataelia - ranger from the Silidont Forest
Liffey Rossin - a deep woods ranger working on Horbe's mission
Sin Gunju - Samurai of the Chamdois Empire
Sonya - Elven ranger in the Vridaran Empire
Sunalor - Paladin of Arpelos assisting Horbe's mission
Travis Durasoth - Prelate of Rahne, Empire of Vridara
William Sylverheart - Wandering Servitor of Rahne for Halganath
Zanithan Robbins - Knight of Rakore to the Clan of the Hoar Frost
Faeradd Bunuckle - Gnomish inventor in search of the Gate Nexus
Meredith - a freelance bard, half elf, half merfolk

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