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Character concept by Chris Altnau, all rights reserved.

Duke of Maddog Island

Date of Birth: Unknown; Malkir was believed to be in his 120s when the War of the Undead broke out.

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Duke Malkir runs Maddog Island from the town of Archeria, where he runs an archery training academy, and governs both the island and his army of Arrowstorm.


His face says it all – that he has seen more battle than any man living, and is ready to do more battle at any excuse. Tall for even one of the Desolate, he towers over everyone around him, with his sharp blue eyes sweeping and searching continually. His raven black hair is pulled back to the nape of his neck, and over this he wears a gold gilded, open faced helm of steel with several cuts and nicks taken from it. He dresses in rich black and tan leathers, beneath a chain hauberk coated in gold. Over this hauberk, he wears a steel breast plate and greaves so nicked and scarred from combat as to appear unserviceable. He carries no less than two bows with him wherever he goes, each as massive as he is. Twin custom quivers hold scores of arrows over his shoulders, and another quiver holds custom arrows at his hip. Across his other hip is his Rakoran longsword of knighthood.

Malkir wears Grimwoth's chain hauberk, and carries Tiroch's Bow. He also wears the Karasenth Bracers of Elinthar, the hunter god.


Malkir was born to the desert elves of the small city of Vinaalaalus in the Choranil Desert. Occasionally battling orcs or other denizens of the desert, he grew up surrounded by the harsh teachings of stealth and war. Vinaalaalus was wiped out by an orc raid while he was away, and he forever swore vengeance against the orcs and their masters, the ogremai. Bitter and eager for an outlet to his cold bloodlust, he left his desert home with Dwarfendale as the War of the Undead began to unfold

Calm and collected under the worst of circumstances, he proved himself a staunch ally to the emerging Rakoran nation, and a deadly foe against the necromancer Demik Coruth and his minions. From the frozen highlands of the Tanorin Mountains in northern Galanath, to the steamy Asia Jungles of Hobrimeth, Malkir journeyed with Dwarfendale assaulting evil wherever it lay. A bit too cold-blooded against even evil, the archer parted paths with Dwarfendale after the War of the Undead, although the two still maintain a deep friendship. Malkir was promoted to the rank of Baron in Rakore, and swore fealty to King Feldspar Graniteshoulders. An early investor in Gideon Enterprises with Dwarfendale, Malkir commanded a small army of followers known as Arrowstorm.

Malkir was later promoted to Duke, and given Maddog Island to govern and watch over. He established Archeria, a town dedicated to archery and the arts of the bow, as his capital on the nearly uninhabited island. The duke also watched over one of the elder Towers – great towers of antiquity that could teleport vast armies and armadas across all of Gaeleth. The initial assault during the War of the Four Winds took Malkir and Arrowstorm by complete surprise, and the Tower was used to teleport in the Nabrolian fleet that harassed Rakore during the war. Duke Malkir and his men retook the Tower, and held it until mages from Lok Magius could arrive. Since that time, a heavy guard lays upon the Tower, and Malkir has sent his Arrowstorm again and again to the western reaches of the Rakoran Forests to hunt Nabrolians wherever they might hide.


Malkir is impulsive, yet he always maintains a calculating eye on the situation. He has slowly learned not to strike first, but when he does strike, he strikes as hard as possible, with a 'take no prisoners' philosophy towards combat. His off time is devoted solely to becoming a better warrior, and trespassers upon his spare time suffer. His self confidence seems like egotism, but he has seen the horrors of the War of the Undead, and survived to teach anyone who would learn. Cool and collected, he brooks no resistance to the rules of Rakore, where everyone is equal before the law, from mages to tomanths. Despite his grim attitude, Malkir enjoys life, giving an evil smile when things go his way.

Malkir speaks the Common and Elven tongues fluently, and gets along fairly well in Dwarven.

2E Stats

10th-Level Desert Elven Archer
STR 18/61, DEX 16, CON 16, INT 13, WIS 11, CHA 9
AC -2, THAC0 9, HP 83
Alignment LN
Magic Resistance: 90% resistance to charms
Weapon Proficiencies: Grand master of the longbow, longsword specialist.
Nonweapon Proficienies: Hunting (secondary skill), rope use, swimming, land-based riding, direction sense, weather sense, bowyer/fletcher, seamanship, navigation, desert survival, running.

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