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Desolate (a.k.a. Desert Elves)

The desert elves of Gaeleth were bred from the wild elves, millennia ago, by the Dharveil. The Dharveil were high elves that ruled a kingdom with absolute power, and wanted only elves to guard them, and serve in their military. Using magic and more conventional breeding programs that spanned millennia, the Dharveil created their specially bred warrior elves for the deserts that surrounded the Dharveil kingdom.

The desert elven males average six feet, ten inches in height, and tend to mass at close to two-hundred ten pounds. Females tend to average six feet, six inches in height, and mass at close to one-hundred eighty pounds. Both males and females are heavily tattooed, usually in a theme or pattern that also acts as camouflage.

The desert elves tend to be surly and reclusive, rarely interacting with other races unless they have to. They gave themselves the name of the 'Desolate', though most people refer to them as 'desert elves'.

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