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Kelmok Nightstrider

Character concept by Chris Altnau, all rights reserved.

Black Captain Kelly

Date of Birth: Unknown, although believed to be around 1230 Avard.

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Captain Kelly operates one of the meanest, toughest, nastiest ships ever to sail the seas. Outwardly a pirate and a scoundrel and a member of the Alekdan Principalities, he is secretly a loyal captain of Rakore. 'Black Captain Kelly' can be found operating from the Principalities to Rakore, smuggling mages into Rakore with the aid of Jynx Maysolu, and running information out of the Principalities for Over'raj Sam.


A wirey desert elf with night-black hair and oasis-green eyes, his lean and wirey frame is swathed in light black leather armor. His black pony-tail is braided up in black leather cord, and similar cord holds his longsword in place at his hip, and his purple-dyed leather cloak about his shoulders. His very eyes give the impression of power and guile, but if one looks too deeply into those eyes, vicious danger looks back.


He grew up in the Choranil Desert near the Fozam River. Usually dry, the river bed swole to sea-like proportions during one desert rain – just as the orcs of the Ogre Nations razed his home down to the mud. The deluge washed away every trace of his city and his clan, and his near escape by river convinced him of the power of water. He wandered south, escaping orcish patrols, to the Gulf of Teras. There, he managed to convince a passing Gideon Enterprises vessel of his intentions to work – forever upon the sea.

A fast learner, “Kelly” as the crew called him, picked up the arts of sailing and sea life very quickly. He proved himself an invaluable warrior during several sea battles, though his bloodthirstiness worried the priests of Olorin aboard the vessels involved. Ruthless and powerful, he took to the worship of Samis as soon as he was introduced to the goddess by a pirate vessel he boarded. His loyalty to GE never swerved, and he never used his considerable speed or strength against the captain that hired him on – or his crew. Kelly rose quickly through the ranks because of his considerable skill and guile. On several occasions, he served with the Baron-and-the-Bishop Dwarfendale and other members of Firestorm, raising his standing within GE even further.

During one such expedition with Firestorm, Kelly helped them find Nathel's Gauntlets, hidden within the muck near Takanal. Kelly alone was able to touch Opporus. However, when he put the gauntlet on, it would not let go of his hand. The other gauntlet very nearly killed anyone who touched it – including Kelly. Unable to remove the gauntlet known as Opporus, Kelly wore it wrapped up in cloth to disguise its nature. The sailor wore the cursed gauntlet until the final battle of the War of the Undead. He was kidnapped by priests of the dead god Nathel, loyal to Charliss and Demik Coruth; Kelly's gauntlet would be the instrument of resurrection for the Dark God. Kelly lost his hand during the final stormy battle – the only way to remove the gauntlet forever. Though magical healing helped to regenerate his hand, he felt he owed it to GE and Firestorm, who had come to rescue him.

For his bravery and steadfast loyalty – even against the dread evil of the god Nathel – Gideon Enterprises rewarded him with a ship of his own. Crewed by former pirates, the galleon known as the Nightstrider became a privateer working for Rakore, doing (unofficially) whatever was needed to preserve Rakoran interests at sea.


Kelly's loyalty to GE and Rakore is unswerving. Should they ever betray him, his wrath would be great, but he rarely even contemplates the possibility. Rakore and GE gave him everything he ever wanted – money, power, and the ability to do anything he wanted. A pirate on the seas of Gaeleth, he follows the path of Samis: his word is law and honor – everything else goes. Wise and intelligent after a decade of sailing in the harshest of conditions, he uses tact and strategy over force and speed, even though his natural impulse is to gut everyone that gets in his way. He leads by example, and some of the examples he leaves are enough to turn the stomachs of all but the most iron-hearted souls.

2E Stats

Desert Elf, 5th-level Fighter
HP 46, AC 2, THAC0: 16

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Languages: Elven, Common.
WPs: Longsword mastery, 2nd-level fencing (1H) style.
NWPs: Survival: deserts (secondary skill), swimming, rope use, seamanship, navigation, blacksmithing.
Special Ability: 90% magic resistance to charms.
STR 18/05, DEX 18, CON 16, INT 14, WIS 13, CHA 14
Equipment: Reptoria (a longsword +1, +4 vs reptiles), black leather armor, GE (Firestorm) signet ring.

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