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Character concept by Danny Park, all rights reserved.

Protector of Light

Date of Birth: Lan 3rd, 1313 Avard.

Current Status: Summer, 1331 Avard. Adventuring on the continent of Baroneth.


Standing at 6'3“ he tends to stand out in some crowds. He is not a extraordinarily muscular person though his full plate seems to hide that and glows faintly with the light of Arpelos. He carries with him a shield with the seal of Arpelos on it and his main flail which he just refers to as 'Judgement.' When his helmet is removed he has golden blond hair which seems to be almost kissed by Arpelos himself.


Born in 1313 in Karmen to devout followers of Arpelos. Parents were killed in the War of the Undead after traveling to Kur Maeth to assist the Fourth Crusade. At 7, the war ended. With parents dead, the church of Arpelos looked after me in appreciation of what my parents had done for them. It was decided at a young age that I would be a soldier of Arpelos given my skills with a weapon. From then on I was known as Sunalor, Protector of Light. Undead are what I was sent out to destroy.


He is a very proud and righteous person who wishes to only appease those who raised him since his parents death. All beings are granted a second chance. Eradicating any undead he crosses seems to be the main driving force behind him. Though his church is loosely tied to the Inquisition, he does not trouble himself too much with that.

4E Stats

1st Level Human Paladin
Initiative +2
HP 34; Bloodied 17
Healing Surge 8; Surges/Day 8
AC 20; Fortitude 14, Reflex 12, Will 16
Speed 5

Alignment: Lawful Good
Languages: Common
Trained Skills: Diplomacy, Heal, Insight, Intimidate, Religion
Feats: Healing Hands, Toughness
Powers: At Will (Enfeebling Strike, Bolstering Strike), Encounter Powers (Fearsome Smite), Daily Powers (On Pain of Death)
Str 12(+1) Con 14(+2) Dex 11(+0) Int 10(+0) Wis 13(+1) Cha 18(+4)
Equipment: Plate Armor, 1h Flail (Judgement), 2h Flail, Shield, Warhorse, Adventurers Pack

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