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“Not even the Gods fight against necessity.”

Character concept by Sommer Parish, all rights reserved.

Current Status: somewhere in the Gulf of Teras


Meredith has thick, black hair that flows down to her waist. There are assorted braids with small, shiny trinkets and shells mixed throughout the dark strands. Her eyes are a muddy green that calls to mind the strands of kelp that are floating just off-shore. Most would say that she is beautiful but cold. It would be hard to say if the impression of coldness comes from her quiet demeanor or from the bluish cast to her skin. Her body is reminiscent of the elves, with slightly pointed ears and a thin build, but she is a touch short for an elf.


Lineage: Meredith was born to a sorceress merwoman and a human lordling.

Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Chilleth, Dolphin, Merfolsh (Sholin dialect), Giant

Meredith's mother was one of the Abhilna (chosen ones) for her pod. The Abhilna are probably most analogous to a spiritual teacher and are often those that have exhibited the best memories and/or musical abilities. They are charged with keeping the lore and passing it on to the next generation. In addition, they are often responsible for seeking out answers to questions or problems that the pod encounters, called a govinda quest.

Meredith's mother was on a govinda quest that took her the shore of the land called Rakore when she encountered a lordling from a local holdfast. She never told Meredith his name, as such was unimportant to her own people, and such questions never came to Meredith's mind as a child. Matters outside of the pod survival were not usually given special attention. Meredith knew that he had black hair, a rarity among her people, that was passed to her. She knew that he was human and, though a lordling, not in a position to inherit lands. She knew that he killed her mother.

It never occurred to Meredith, or her mother, that the human culture would view mating very differently from her own people. Children belong to the pod. Females stay with the pod. Mating is for necessity (and pleasure) but is not permanent. (Children are too precious to hoarde a virile male for only one female.) For years, as Meredith grew to be a young child, her mother would visit the lordling when the pod migrations took them to the coast of Rakore. Meredith's mother used a touch of sorcery to bind him to her. Just enough to encourage him to share what he could of his people. Her mother could not stay for long on the dry land and the lordling seemed to understand. Meredith, due to her mixed heritage, did not have the same difficulty and would soon be able to mount her own govinga quests onto dry land. When mother brought Meredith to such a meeting with the lordling she could not have anticipated his reaction.

Meredith will never know what emotions led him to such violence. He insisted that he should have Meredith if he could not have mother. Mother told her to return to the pod, NOW, and Meredith thought that mother would be right behind her. She never saw the knife. …and she never returned to that shore.

Now it is time for her to begin her first govinga to the shore. She told herself that she would not seek him. Revenge is not a concept of her people. However, there is a bit of human in her as well and she cannot say what she would do should she face him now. Is she truly a child of the pod?


Meredith's music is usually more haunting than rousing. Depending on the song she is proficient at both the flute and the lap harp. The sound seems to come from the still place found inside every soul - where the body holds it's breath just before the comprehension of something profound. Her melodies are most often sad or longing and leave the audience with the knowledge that they have heard something beautiful…and it has brought them to the edge of tears or filled them with a sense of yearning.

4E Stats

Level: 8
Race: Half sea elf/human
Class: Bard
Deity: Olorin
Alignment: neutral

Height: 5'6“
Age: 25


STR: 10(+0) INT: 14 (+2) AC: 20 FORT: 15
CON: 13 (+1) WIS: 15 (+2) HP: 60 REF: 17
DEX: 12 (+1) CHA: 20 (+5) INIT: +9 WILL: 20

Healing Surges: 8 Surge Value: 15

Trained Skills

Arcana +11 Diplomacy +16 History +11 Insight +13 Nature +11 Perception +11 Religion +5

Race Features
Dilettante| Dual Heritage| Group Diplomacy| Diplomacy Bonus| Insight Bonus|
Class/Path/Destiny Features
Bardic Training| Bardic Virtue: Virtue of Prescience| Majestic Word| Multiclass Versatility| Skill Versatility| Song of Rest| Words of Friendship|
Ritual Caster| Spirit Talker| Linguist| Jack of all Trades| Improved Initiative| Soldier of Virtue

Bard at-will 1: Cutting Words
Bard at-will 1: Misdirected Mark
Bard at-will : Call Spirit Companion
Bard encounter 1: Acid Orb
Bard encounter : Majestic Word
Bard encounter : Words of Friendship
Bard encounter : Spirit Shield
Bard encounter 1: Prophetic Action
Bard encounter 3: Impelling Force
Bard encounter 7: Deflect Attention
Bard daily : Speak with Spirits
Bard daily : Stirring Shout
Bard daily 5: Song of Discord
Bard daily : Virtue's Touch
Bard Utility 2: Moment of Escape
Bard Utility 6: Song of Speed

Flaming Dagger +1| Distance Crossbow +2| Breaching Hide Armor +1| Flute of the Dancing Satyr| Wavestrider Boots

Comprehend Language| Glib Limerick| Lullaby| Call of Friendship| Fool's Speech| Regenerate

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