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Character concept by Sommer Linscomb, all rights reserved.

“You got what you deserved.”

Date of Birth: Some time in 1306.

Current Status: Fall, 1331 Avard. Kat patrols the lands of the Silidont Forest, protecting her people from outsiders and those who would exploit them.


Kataelia, or 'Kat' as she is more commonly called, is 5'8“, 140lb woman in dyed green and brown leathers with strange tattering along the seams. Armed with a powerful bow and several quivers, she is a consummate huntswoman. If she is out of sight for even a moment, she can disappear, camouflaged and hidden.


Kat grew up in a small village in the hinterlands of the continent of Baroneth, on the edge of the Silidont Forest and the Shaefa Plains. A woodswoman almost from the time she could walk, she has protected her village for many years by ranging far and wide, dispatching what dangers she could, and returning to warn her people when she could not.

In mid-autumn of 1331 Avard, Kat escorted a group of strangers through her lands to help keep them away from her people. They were Dolon Uther, Grania, Hadarai Jelenneth, and Johannes Whermak. Kat led them to some old ruins that no one ever returned from – and learned just what was in those ruins, having returned from them by the narrowest sliver of luck.


Kat is often the strong, silent type, content to sit back and watch. But when the situation calls for a rain of arrows or a rain of words, she is able to leap to the fore front and do what needs doing. Her first love, is the forest; she knows it better than any lover, and respects the dangers it holds and the beauty it gives.

4E Stats

6th Level Human Ranger
Initiative +7
HP 51; Bloodied 25
Healing Surge 12; Surges/Day 8
AC 21; Fortitude 17, Reflex 19, Will 16
Speed 6

Alignment: Good
Languages: Common, Elven
Trained Skills: Athletics, Endurance, Heal, Nature, Perception, Stealth
Feats: Lethal Hunter, Defensive Mobility, Camouflage, Hunter's Aim, Prime Strike, Black Arrow Style
Powers: At Will (Careful Attack, Hunter's Quarry, Twin Strike, Nimble Strike), Encounter Powers (Singular Shot, Shadow Wasp Strike), Daily Powers (Hunter's Bear Trap, Excruciating Shot), Utility Powers (Unbalancing Parry, Battle Runner)
Str 12(+1) Con 14(+2) Dex 19(+4) Int 11(+0) Wis 14(+2) Cha 10(+0)
Equipment: Distance longbow +2, darkleaf hide armor +1, boots of stealth, two quivers of arrows, adventurer's kit.

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