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Campaign IX, Chapter 11, Episode 20

Giant Tentacled Paralysis Maggots

Location: In the forests south-southeast of Mount Lavanor

Date: Summer, 1333 Avard

Characters: Este, Halite, Nalani, Galadriel, Isaac, Xydeco

After the long chase of the roc-hawkes, the team turned to Este for answers. Only he had none. And then they heard a scream from the nearby forest – Este's scream, that of his twin brother. Xydeco let Este know in no uncertain terms that his life was forfeit if he did not do as Xydeco said; Este's misadventures had cost the team too much heartache and trouble. The familiars and companions investigated the compound, and then returned, telling of a multi-acre walled compound of stone, overgrown with vines, trees – and webbing to a height of seven feet within, and tunnels of webs running throughout. Onwynn briefly saw something with giant claws pulling Este's brother through the webbing. Rather than attack through the webs, the team sends in the roc-hawkes, which eat half a dozen carrion crawlers moving through the webbing. Those that infest cities and sewers rarely make webbing, but those seemed to be making cocoons of it – enough silk to make them all quite wealthy. The roc-hawkes got a tummy ache from the carrion crawlers, and encountered something else, something Galadriel had read about long ago. Carrion crawlers are only the larval form of a horse-sized creature called chuul. The team entered the compound to the fluttering of torn silk that they were collecting, and took down one of the carrion crawlers without incident.

Behind the Scenes

Date: FRI12MAY2017

DM's Notes: No comment.

Reference: Campaign IX
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Sommer (Halite)

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