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Character concept by Dave Short, all rights reserved.

Date of Birth: Circa 1310 Avard.

Current Status: Spring, 1332 Avard. Dert is currently following the dragonborn Arkhan, a defender paladin of Meridian Explorations.


Dert is a kobold in tattered rags, with a staff (sized to fit) that continually grows a bit of dark green leafage. He tends to ride a coyote with no saddle, and has only a small pack as the sum total of all his possessions. Occasionally, a small, wispy cloud is seen near the kobold.


A clan of kobolds has led a protected life within the midden heaps of Mount Lavanor's Rakanus dwarves. The kobolds are granted unrestricted access to the trash of the Rakanus dwarves, in return for keeping worse scavengers away. One of the midden heap guardians is a drunken dwarf whose stories fascinated young Dert, until one day the kobold had to leave his cavernous home and find for himself a dragon of old.

Many believe Dert a bit 'touched in the head', as he hears rocks and trees and water and sky talk to him. Oddly enough, the land and sea and clouds seem to have something to say worth listening to.


Dert is an experience junkie, new to the world at large and quietly enjoying everything that happens to him. He does not actively seek out experiences, but greets them with an equanimity that even someone without fear would be troubled by.

4E Stats

Kobold Shaman

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