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Campaign IX, Chapter 4, Session 58

Title: Warforged Boom

Characters: Greff, Felix, Jin, Argoth

Date: Late Vor, 1332 Avard

Synopsis: An army of hundreds of warforged march just one day out from River Crown and Fasra.


Late evening on the 5th of Davor, 1332 Avard.

Short Version: Argoth was still in River Crown when Greff, Felix, and Jin headed back to Fasra. Argoth caught up with the team just in time to get caught by scouts and outriders from a warforged army on the march. Over a score of mounted warforged attempted to run down the team. Argoth's owl, Link, was able to help them find the base of a ruined tower near a forty foot limestone cliff. The team opted to hole up there, using Felix's firepower and Jin's prayers to hurt the cavalry at a distance, while Greff and Argoth worked on them up close. Walls of fire, fireballs, and the wrath of the gods helped the team take out a few of the warforged, who moved in perfect unison. Several of the warforged had, instead of blades, some sort of quarterstaff. When the warforged with the quarterstaves got in range, the quarterstaves unleashed force blasts and thunder that pummeled the team left and right, knocking them into one another, even tossing the horses into one another and into the team. The warforged mounts, looking like some sort of mechanical dog the size of a horse, burrowed under the wall of fire and attacked the team from within. Luckily, once the warforged were dismounted, their mounts shut down – save for one that was a bit damaged by one of Felix's arcane attacks. The damaged mount stayed active, even sometimes fighting the other warforged, seeming confused and disoriented. Greff managed to find the leader of the warforged band, and in doing so, got the warforged quarterstaves to concentrate on him. Greff got knocked off the forty foot bluff for his efforts. The team maintained their chaotic defense, helping one another where possible, with Jin's powerful connection to the gods revitalizing the team again and again. Several of the warforged revved their processes up once they were wounded, revitalizing themselves as their hearts whirred faster, glowing with orange light. The team fought even harder, concentrating their powers on each warforged in turn, taking the beatings that came or escaping the sword thrusts with teamwork. And finally, the last of the warforged went down – save the confused mount. Jin approached the confused mount cautiously, and found it receptive to his advances.

Late evening on the 5th of Davor, 1332 Avard.

Behind the Scenes

Date: THU12JAN2012

Joe (DM)

Dinner was delicious deli pizza from Wal-Mart, and we ate every last crumb of it. I wasn't 100% sure the team could handle over half a dozen warforged destroyers, plus a dozen warforged soldiers, plus warforged mounts. The beating was getting rather close for a bit, but the guys recovered, retook the initiative, and went on to win. What we didn't realize is that the game night was our last session with Bo. We'd hoped to play again the next Thursday, but Sommer and I forgot we were going out of town. :(

Game Information

RPG System: Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition.
All characters are now 16th level.

Bill (Greff)

No comment.

Ross (Felix)

No comment.

Bo (Jin)

No comment.

Caileb (Argoth)

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