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Milthel, The Dragon God


“There is nothing in the universe so fine, as a dragon.”

Symbol: dragon's fiery breath

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Portfolio: dragons, power, tyrants

Worshippers: dragons

Cleric Alignments: CE, LE, NE

Domains: magic, death, destruction, fire

Favored Weapon: breath weapon

Animal Totems: drakes


The church of Milthel was not so much a church as a militant theocracy led by the god himself. The Dragon God bound all the dragons to him, and forced them to worship him – or face annihilation. Milthel's few priest-dragons helped to spread such totalitarianism, wiping out any and all opposition.

Physical Description

No statues were ever erected to Milthel, and no paintings are known to exist. What few descriptions have survived depict a shadow dragon of sorts, more ethereal darkness than living dragon.


Milthel is now believed to have originated in the lands known currently as Nabrolia. Some records indicate that Nathel, the God of Strategy, was linked with Milthel in some sort – though whether as a servant or a power behind the throne is unknown. The Dragon God went on to conquer more and more of the land, using humanoids and all the resources available to sustain the dragonlings of his worshippers. As time went on, each dragon attaining adulthood merely added to Milthel's domains in those ancient times after the Prism Wars. Any threat to the dragons was met with the massed power of all the dragons and the priests of the Dragon God, as well.

By the time of the Shaping Wars, Milthel's domain was one of the world's four superpowers. The dragons along the edges of his domain were finding it more and more difficult to spread, and Milthel and the dragons were constantly shifting their attentions to too many areas and too many battles – and beginning to lose some of both. Milthel and his forces joined the rest of the superpowers in hunting for some of the ancient artifacts that would give them an edge over the other forces.

An independent power found the ancient God Slayer sword, and used it to slay Milthel – although the details of that titanic battle are lost to time.


Milthel's Relic was worn brazenly in the open, around the Dragon God's neck. None know what sort of haven the Relic represented for fallen dragons, or whether it held the souls of any dragons at all.


The small church of Milthel that did exist consisted of some dozen priest-dragons and their underlings. For the most part, Milthel himself dominated the church.

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