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The Relics

The Relics are where the souls of a particular god reside – and where the essence of that god exists. Within the Relic, each god is all-powerful, and the souls that worshiped it before death reside in a kind of localized heaven. The Relic also serves as the home for all the greater souls – more commonly known as angels and archons. Each Relic is relatively small, and appears made of some strange metal, but within the Relic, space is infinite, depending on the whim of the god that Relic represents.

The Relics are indestructible, save by the will of another god – thus there is a winnowing process by which unstable or homicidal gods are snuffed out by the majority of the other gods. The Relics, while indestructible, do not give off auras, magical emanations, or any kind of radiant energy; aside from their strange metallic color, each Relic might be just a piece of jewelry.

Where they come from and who makes them remains as much a mystery to the gods as to mortals. When a 'blank' Relic is found, however, it is often imprinted with the needs and wants of the mortal that finds it, giving birth to a new god.

The ranks of the gods varies, based off of the number of worshipers they have on the mortal plane, and the number of worshipful souls they have gathered into their Relics. More powerful gods have a vast number of souls and worshipers' powers to draw upon, and their priests tend to be more powerful. Weaker gods tend to have lesser numbers of souls or worshipers to draw upon, and thus have relatively weaker priests or churches.

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