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Antares Firel's Spellbook

Antares Firel was a bard that travelled over much of Gaeleth, entertaining nobles, peasants, priests, and even the occasional mage. The roguish follower of Habrem took delight in analyzing illusions and phantasms, and contributed much to the study of the two types of spells. His quest for magic, and his travels through Galanath and Halganath, were tempered by the persecution of mages the world over. When he learned of Rakore, and that nation's willingness to defend mages, he took the risk of exploitation and headed west. He died at Thayer's Rock when a recreated rik of the Marquis de Natille of Morth attacked; Firel's sonic attacks damaged the rik, making him a prime target for the behemoth's firepower.

Notes: (Written in Tolbricaran; spell translation in Common available.) Most of Firel's notes deal with the finer points of illusional casting, and his experiences on when and where to use such magics. He briefly pursued the differences between illusions and phantasms, before moving on to study illusory additions to his vocal performances.

Spells: Read magic, detect magic, cantrips, phantasmal force, ventriloquism, blindness, hypnotic pattern, improved phantasmal force, misdirection, whispering wind, illusionary script, invisibility 10-foot radius, spectral force.

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