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Cole Toola's Spellbook

Master Cole Toola, a general mage and Captain Hoffin were the scourges of the Alekdan Principalities prior to the War of the Undead. Untouchable by the Inquisition, the Sholin Cole thrived in the underworld of the pirate nation. Hoffin gained considerably from having a mage at his side, and rose through the ranks quickly, making more spellbooks and magic available to the sorceror. Master Cole and Captain Hoffin were approached by Demik Coruth, and offered the riches of the deeps – riches only the dead knew of – in exchange for the use of their fleet. The sorceror and the pirate quickly agreed, and set off in search of the cache Vault of K'Tath. After finding it, of course, they quickly moved to betray Coruth's representative in the crew, the necromancer Kintala. Cole managed to escape the duel by clutching at a powerful magical item, but was forced to leave his book behind.

Notes: (Written in Bridelan; translation of spells in Common available.) Most of Cole's sketches and copious notes detail his piratical dealings with Captain Hoffin, ranging in blackmail knowledge, to locations of hidden magics in the Alekdan Principalities. There are two treasure maps noted in the book, with hastily scrawled notes indicating the location of Mondelithe's spellbook.

Contents: Feign death, fireball, hold undead, suggestion, fire shield, fumble, plant growth, cantrips.

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