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Dalan Hornung's Spellbook

Dalan Hornung, a powerful wild mage, was a random element of the Storm Wars, working against either the Nathelians or the Karatikans, depending on whichever force was in his way. Backed by several strong followers and a number of apprentice wild mages, Hornung cut a swatch of chaos through southern Galanath from the mouth of the Miagic River to Lake Omen. Rumored to be the son of a traveller from another world, several priests of lesser, chaotic, and neutral gods fell in with the wild archmage in order to fulfill various prophecies. What happened after the group reached Lake Omen is a mystery.

Protection: Each time Hornung's spellbook is opened, a wild dweomer is cast, attempting to teleport the book elsewhere. Dalan was also an intelligent man, encoding his notes and his spells in a chaotic pattern that took another wild mage, capable of patternweaving, to decode.

Notes: When decoded, the spellbook details a cross-country trip through Nathelian and Karatikan lines, in search of the 'chaos stone'. Much of the wild archmage's speculation revolves around the abilities of the 'chaos stone', including speculations about travel to other worlds or even creating worlds.

Spells: Hornung's guess, patternweave, Hornung's baneful deflector, chaos shield, alternate reality, there/not there, waveform, wildshield, Hornung's surge selector, Hornung's random, wildfire, magic missile, fireball, teleport without error, mending, detect magic, read magic, cantrip, blur, monster summoning II, wall of iron, mass suggestion, distance distortion, sink, weird, prismatic sphere, hallucinatory terrain.

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