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Tenabrim's Spellbook

Strangely enough, Tenabrin was probably the first natural mage the forests of Rakore produced after the Storm Wars. The sketchy notes in his spellbook are inconclusive, and very little information is really available about him, or where he obtained his spells.

Interviews with the elderly population of Teras after the War of the Undead yielded the most background on him. The son of a wheelwright and a potter named Aminala, Tenabrin grew up in the tiny fishing community of Teras, Rakore. Sometime around 1311 Avard, he left Teras for the Rakoran Forest. His notes indicated that he had discovered a tribal shaman of some sort that gave him the insight he needed to begin, and then master, spell-casting. Several years later, his body and his spellbook were discovered by Dwarfendale Fistforger in a grippli village. The village (and all of the grippli) were later destroyed by the legions of undead.

Notes: (Written in Common.) Tenabrin's attrocious handwriting makes it a wonder as to whether he could read his own handwriting. The more legible portions of the book indicate that the grippli shaman maintained stone tablets, whereon several spells were preserved. The mage began writing in grippli half-way through the book, having apparently learned the language and customs of the frog-like people.

Contents: Detect secret passages and portals, cat's grace, protection from poison, solvent of corrosion, arrow of bone, unseen servant, friends, magic missile, spook, blur, fool's gold, magic mouth, scare.

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