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Rakanus Plate

The Rakanus and Warkore Clans of Rakore used to skirmish with one another, each using different philosophies. The Warkore Clan had superior numbers, and relied on offensive tactics; the Rakanus Clan relied on defensive tactics – and superior smithing. The Rakanus Clan made incredible weapons, and incredible armor.

In addition to their superior smithing techniques, the Rakanus Clan had a holy anvil – an eighty pound piece of iron that holds within it a tuft of the beard of the God of Smithing, Galgiran. The Rakanus Clan uses the anvil primarily for worship services, but occasionally it is used for smithing.

Rakanus Plate is known throughout Rakore, because of its powerful design of overlapping plates, because it is hammered out on the Bearded Anvil, and because it is custom-made for each wearer with blessings of Galgiran etched in gold along the rim of each plate, where the runes are protected by the overlap and leather of the other plates.

Suits of Rakanus Plate have no price tags attached to them; no amount of gold can buy a set. Earning a suit of Rakanus Plate requires earning the attention of the Rakanus Clan, and the personal permission of Father Bryan Stonegrudge, ArchBishop of Rakore and leader of the Rakanus Clan.

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