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 +====== Breakrock ======
 +The town of Breakrock is located in a vast open area in the middle of the Straits of Sloph, on the south side of the straits. ​ The town itself is located at the top of the high cliffs, with many switch-backs and sky cranes transferring cargo from the stone wharves up to the stone buildings and warehouse above. ​ The town consists of some five thousand people, mainly from the Shaefa Plains. ​ Most of the town's major construction took place around 1330-1331 Avard, when the Crusaders of [[gaeleth:​places:​Kur Maeth]] invested significantly in its development. ​ Breakrock -- 'where the waves and the witches break against the rocks' -- was founded to serve as a naval harbor for the Inquisition ships that ply the straits.
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