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Halinar Duchies

The Halinar Duchies are located in a large, marshy portion of Northern Galanath that feed the waters of the Black and Blood Rivers. The duchies are a loose confederation of twelve ruling lords, each with distinct leadership styles despite a common people. The familiar concept of “Nobody beats up my sibling but me” applies to the Halinar Duchies, as they are a combined force of considerable power when arrayed against any of the local nation states.

See IX-5-7 for more examples.


The duchies are ruled in a feudal fashion, with each duke or duchess commanding several marquises, who in turn command several comptes, then barons, and then knights, who in turn rule over the commoners. Every level of the nobility maintains absolute authority – including the right of execution – over those of lower rank. The Convocation is the official name of the confederation of dukes and duchesses, and it meets once each year for two weeks to write the laws of the land, to which all of the duchies are held. Only the Convocation can officially recognize a new leader of each duchy.


Each duke tends to follow his own religious practices, although followers of certain deities have been met with considerable resistance from the Convocation (from outright invasion to assassination). In several cases, the commoners have risen up against dukes or duchesses that try to impose significantly foreign deities.

The commoners tend to worship the Accords Pantheon.


The duchies border thick, barbarian-infested forests to the north, and Tesan to the south. With two duchies guarding the mouth of the Black and Blood Rivers, the Halinar duchies also do considerable trade by sea and overland to much of the rest of Galanath. Because most the duchies are relatively marshy, the people of Halinar tend to export fish, cattle, and apothercarial materials (such as poisons).

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