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the Toomar Tribes

Capital: Soolith

National Alignment: NG

Population: 1,350,000

Size: 4.5 million square miles

Government: Tribal Leaders

Ruler: Overchief Obram Sarinofin

Law: Tribal Code

Coin: Barter


The Toomar Tribes (also stated as Toomaran Tribes) are a collection of 6 large tribes of nomadic horsemen. Each tribe is its own, unique entity, and they occasionally war with one another, but all nominally respect the elected overchief. The six tribes are color-based, with a certain color to denote their loyalties: the Spring Buds tribe (green), the Blooded Steel tribe (red), the Autumn Earth (brown), the Pale Snow tribe (white), the Summer Sky tribe (blue), and the Night Sky tribe (black). All of the tribes are self-sufficient, but carry on nominal relations with the Empire of Vridara. Their fierce ties to Elinthar (the God of the Hunt), and Rahne (the Goddess of War), means that the Toomaran Tribes are Inquisition-aligned, and fear mages of any kind. Otherwise, they are considered among the best horsemen in all the world.


Because of their ties to their herds of horses, all Toomarans are expert horsemen, as well as good bowmen.

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