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The Aeswar (or 'Aurochsmen') are nomads with dark hair and amber, brown, and red eyes. They are often mistaken for Toomarans, but instead of riding horses, the Aeswar ride aurochs that have been specially bred for millennia. They are comfortable in grasslands and in forests, but they tend towards secrecy, with an insular society that keeps outsiders away.

Aeswarian tribal peoples are considered outcasts and demon-touched by most societies, having a high birth rate of tieflings – those with cloven hooves, goat-like horns, and long tails.

The time of the Inquisition has been a difficult one for the remaining tribes of the Aurochsmen, as the tieflings have a propensity for sorcery and the other dark arts outlawed by the Avard Accords. In order to survive, the Aeswar cooperated fully with the Inquisition, giving up their tiefling babes and agreeing to unannounced inspections for the arcane… for a time.

Tieflings were born that could not be given up, and the Aeswar found a way to hide the arcane from the investigations of the divine. An insular society to begin with, they shifted even more towards secrecy as they learned more and better how to hide and how to survive.

Tribes of the Aeswar rarely interact with other peoples, preferring uncontrolled and uncontested lands. When they do travel through populated areas, they carefully send an expedition to beg or purchase passage. Once passage is allowed, the Aurochsmen tend to carefully avoid the public eye. They are still seen, particularly during trading missions. One auroch hide can cover an entire wall of a cottage, and the Aeswar have an extensive knowledge of plants and the healing arts. Their leather workers are among the most skilled to be found anywhere, and their hunters use bows reinforced with auroch horn that have been known to pierce plate armor with ease.

They and their aurochs are rumored to be able to slip through whole cities without being detected, under cover of fog or sleep or a myriad of other supernormal powers. Some believe that minotaurs are a result of Aswarian curses, or are protectors of the vast herds of the auroch.

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