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the Amarans

The Amarans tend to be a dark-skinned race, with dark, curly hair and dark eyes. They are found most often in the savannahs of mid-Halganath, but are also found in pockets of southern Galanath, the jungles of mid-Halganath, and on distant Hobrimeth. They range in height from quite short, to quite tall, depending on their locations.

The Amarans from the savannahs of mid-Halganath tend to be quite tall, with formidable builds that tend towards portly later in life. Their neighbors, the Amarans from the jungles of mid-Halganath, tend towards small and lean builds. The Amarans of southern Galanath tend towards medium-height with strong builds, even later in life. Some Amarans have relatively light skin, while others tend towards skin the color of ebony.

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