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Deep Dwarf

The deep dwarves are the smallest of the dwarven subraces, but are nearly as dense and heavy as the stones they mine and live in. The deep dwarves rarely interact with other peoples, sometimes living their entire lives without seeing a stranger to their clan. They have pale skin and very light hair, with very light eyes that are quite photosensitive. Males tend to be about three-and-a-half-feet in height, and can weigh in at six stone worth of muscle and thick bone.

Though semi-solitary, the clans are well-steeped in their histories, and welcome outsiders on those rare visits made to their subterranean lairs. The deep dwarves tend to live in vast underground caverns that focus detritus from the surface world, such that small crops of mushrooms can grow. They also harvest bacterial colonies that live deep within the earth, thriving on heat and sulfur and iron. The colonies are often brewed in large vats continually worked by water or geothermal power.

Deep dwarves tend less to mine metals and more to mine crystals than other dwarves. Those few that travel outside the clan often do so with a small escort, and chests of gems, to exchange for rarities from the surface world, cloth, art, and metal.

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