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the Destanae

The Destanae humans of Gaeleth tend to have a swarthy-colored skin, with dark hair and dark, almond-shaped eyes. They are commonly found in the desert and coastal regions of Al Fahim and southern Galanath – from the Gaebrum Forests to the Cora Swamps.

Destanae men are well-known for their hawk-like noses, sometimes called 'Alekdan' noses. Destanae humans tend towards lean builds, with a slight paunch later in life. Their women tend to be somewhat shorter than their men, though of a similar weight, with powerful trunks and hips.

The Destanae tribes of the Sharanol Steppes (in southern Galanath) tend towards smaller height, but still retain a weathered and hardened nature. Though distant cousins to the people of Al Fahim, the people of the Toomaran Tribes are somewhat similar in origins

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