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Mountain Dwarf

The mountain dwarves of Gaeleth tend to be the largest of the subraces, topping out near five feet in height and some ten stone in weight. Mountain dwarves tend to stay within their mountain fastnesses – and sometimes below them – creating massive mining complexes and foundries. They trade with the surface world for food and furs, using their metals –worked and precious and raw – as good coin wherever they exist. They often form good relations with nearby peoples, and build up good trade networks.

Mountain dwarves are easily recognized by their red to auburn hair, light-colored eyes, and larger stature than other dwarves. Strawberry-blond and blond hair are not unknown among the mountain dwarves, either.

Mountain dwarves also tend to be the most mercurial of dwarves, closing their mountain fastnesses up for perceived slights or the slightest deviation from litigious doctrine. History is full of human nations that collapsed after the mountain dwarves within their kingdom bottling up and refusing to come out for a whole dwarven generation, using prodigious stores built up and salted and preserved for long periods of time.

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