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Sand Orc

The sand orcs of Gaeleth tend to have a number of adaptations to living in the deserts and high deserts of Gaeleth. Their hair tends to be gray or white in color, and rather straight and oily. Sand orcs tend to have thick, leathery skin that ranges in color from light brown, to green, to near-black, with several shades in-between. Sand orcs also tend to be more intelligent than other varieties of orcs, perhaps because of the intense competition for limited resources in the deserts. Because they have been exposed to the extreme brightness of the desert days, the sand orcs have lost their light sensitivity.

Sand orcs tend to be found in western Halganath, and are epitomized in the Ogre Nations of the Choranil Desert. Female sand orcs tend to have litters of orclings; females have 2-8 children at a time, and tend to have greatly reduced intelligence for their kind – putting them on a par with conventional orcs of low intelligence.

Most sand orcs of the Choranil speak Orc (O'Olphariz, Zharizt, and Lurvase dialects), and Ogran (Mazizhe dialect).

Sand orcs have been known to use large drums (some up to eight feet across), as well as a variety of other percussion instruments. The 'clan drums' tend to be made of a single piece of hide stretched across a bone surface, and are often heard for miles in any direction. Many such drums have been given primal powers over the years and centuries of their use, such that just hearing the drums can cause profound effects in the listener.

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