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Campaign X, Season 1, Episode 5

Attack on Theribun

Location: Mag Kivak and Theribun

Date: Winter, 1333 Avard

Characters: Keth, Nevaeh, Anastasia, Sheldrog, Thia

The team – minus Neveah – returned to the dwarven mines of Mag Kivak. They explained the situation to Sir Beryl and Vicar Bauxite, the two dwarven leaders of the mine. Keth considered leaving out many facts or telling outright lies, as the power of the hidden base was considerable. Instead, he opted to tell the truth to the two dwarven leaders. Unbeknownst to him, one of the several candles nearby had been a candle of truth. In telling the truth, and in explaining their story, the team earned the respect of the dwarven leader.

Gabbro's body would be cremated on the altar of Galgiran to prevent it rising from the dead. Keth and Sheldrog, partially out of guilt and partially out of claustrophia, opted not to remain for the funeral.

They were asked to perform an escort mission by Sir Beryl, in which they would be given free passage to Kashin. In exchange, they would also be given a letter of writ for free passage, afterwards, on any ship in Rakore. The escort mission would be to accompany the ore from the mine, when the next available ship arrived at their lone dock. Sir Beryl estimated no more than two days' time, as Rose and the sailors with her had returned to civilization to warn them of the river troll and request another ship.

Leaving Anastasia and her boat with the dwarves, Keth and Sheldrog returned on foot to Theribun. As they neared the village, they heard energizing viola music that set Sheldrog to dancing almost immediately. Upon entering the tavern, the source of the music was revealed: It was a drow minstrel that had arrived on horseback from Rilan.

The drow minstrel, known as Thia, had a partially translated text that indicated an attack on Theribun was imminent. As a cryptographer and linguist, she was intrigued by elements within the text, and bravely set out by herself to investigate.

The evening passed as Thia made friends, played music, and tried to assess friend from foe in the tiny human village of Theribun. There were four dwarves in the village, but they were guarding something, rotating in groups of two every six hours. Thia had no idea what they were guarding, but it made her wonder if it, whatever it was, was the target of the supposed attack.

Sheldrog danced until exhausted, and then turned in to sleep late at night.

Keth brooded. The fate of the world was in his hands. Brigain had shown how a book so cold that air turned to liquid might condemn the whole world, and it was linked, somehow to what had transpired in the hidden elemental base. After Sheldrog turned in, Keth consulted the auguries using his fulgerite-crafted bowl with some beer as a reflecting surface. The purple eyes of the minstrel looked back at him from the bowl.

Behind the Scenes

Date: AUG2019

DM's Notes: Sarai introduced a drow bard, and Saige realized that the Player's Handbook stories and the SisterWorlds stories do not quite line up. In the Player's Handbook, the drow elves are evil followers of a spider goddess – but on Gaeleth, they are the last remains of a slave race that been subject to genocide and genetic experimentation. Of course, the classic make-a-not-evil-drow trope falls on its face on Gaeleth, which is what Sarai wanted but can no longer achieve. We'll see if she can adapt her character to the current story, or if she decides that the background is not right for her.

Reference: Campaign X
Previous Episode: Xs1e4

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