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Campaign X - Illusions of Peace

The campaigns are listed in reverse chronological order. Each campaign represents a different group of People operating out of a different location on Gaeleth. Significantly more information is available on the more recent campaigns (those towards the top of this list).

5E D&D for the metagame and rules modifications.

Season 2

The mage known as Eingrim the Gold seeks assistance from the nearest adventurers available, from a tavern in Kashin known as the Tongue Wrecker.

Characters: Beth, Gruck, Selis, Mialee, Mara, Wellby, Chimes, Hiko, Roland, Toox

Xs2e1 - Episode 1: The Tongue Wrecker
Xs2e2 - Episode 2: Eingrim's Compass
Xs2e3 - Episode 3: Dealer in Demons
Xs2e4 - Episode 4: Arcane Convergence
Xs2e5 - Episode 5: Demon Trapped
Xs2e6 - Episode 6: Twin Mages
Xs2e7 - Episode 7: The Voyage to Drbth
Xs2e8 - Episode 8: The Ruins of Drbth
Xs2e9 - Episode 9: Thalessa's Farm Hold
Xs2e10 - Episode 10: To Bless a Farm
Xs2e11 - Episode 11: The Black Feather Troupe
Xs2e12 - Episode 12: Orcs & Traps
Xs2e13 - Episode 13: Dead Mage on the Drumkin
Xs2e14 - Episode 14: A Vroc in Jail
Xs2e15 - Episode 15: Werewolves and Demons
Xs2e16 - Episode 16: Eingrim the Blue
Xs2e17 - Episode 17: Heart of a (Rust) Monster
Xs2e18 - Episode 18: To Craft a Soul
Xs2e19 - Episode 19: A White Dragon
Xs2e20 - Episode 20: Games Day
Xs2e21 - Episode 21: Spears the Size of Trees
Xs2e22 - Episode 22: Dragons, Plural
Xs2e23 - Episode 23: Haunted Mechanisms

Season 3

Bell the Pirate

Characters: Bell, Taklak, Kava

Xs3e1 - Episode 1: The Aquaholic
Xs3e2 - Episode 2: The Sea Hag

OneShot-020 - Interlude 20, Enter the Dragon

Season 1

A dwarven mining camp found something 'unusual' – and many dark forces have been waiting for their discovery.

Characters: Rose, Keth, Nevaeh, Anastasia, Sheldrog

Xs1e1 - Episode 1: River Troll
Xs1e2 - Episode 2: Mephit Menace
Xs1e3 - Episode 3: Elemental Entrance
Xs1e4 - Episode 4: Mephit Mystery
Xs1e5 - Episode 5: Attack on Theribun

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