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Campaign X, Season 2, Episode 2

Attack on Theribun

Location: Kashin, Tongue Wrecker Tavern & Inn

Date: Cal 14th, 1333 Avard

Characters: Beth, Gruck, Selis, Mialee

Eingrim the Gold was a visiting mage from Lok Magius, there to investigate the death of the elven sorceress Ayela Talesse'Laserra. She had been found in the sewers of Kashin by rat chasers, stabbed in the back by weapon that seemed to have 'odd' properties. While staying at the Tongue Wrecker tavern and inn, burglars managed to sneak into his room and run off with some of his possessions, including his scroll case and his components' box.

Eingrim rushed downstairs and enlisted the bouncer, Gruk, and his friends Beth and Mialee and Selis. The mage still had a brass compass that could be set to find some of his components, but he was unfamiliar with Kashin, and might be able to find his stolen goods by other means.

The party, thus armed with the compass, set out to find his scroll case. They found it in a merchant home near the lake, the home being used more as a warehouse tower than an actual manse. After out-maneuvering the guards, they had a run-in with a mage assassin that felled Gruck in one blow, but had no other interest in him, as he was not a mage. The whole thing appeared to be a trap, set to catch Eingrim and kill him like the other mages.

Escaping into the fog with the scroll case, they returned to Eingrim. From there, his compass led them to the components box – which, in turn, led them to the gems, and the thief that took them.

The thief told them everything they wanted to know, in exchange for… pie? Knowing he was captured, and with nothing to lose, he sold out for a nice pie (and his life). The burglars had been hired by an unnamed man – likely the mage assassin – to the manse on the outskirts of the city. The thief they had captured had some of the gems, although most were handed to a fence known as Paedant.

Behind the Scenes

Date: JAN2020

DM's Notes: It was our last session in the apartments in Forest City, before moving to Longwood. Sommer and Austin brought in their druid and wizard, respectively, and we used this as both a partial Session Zero and continuation of the Session Zero for Saige and Michael's warlock and barbarian. This also let me bring in the over-arcing theme, courtesy of Eingrim.

Reference: Campaign X
Previous Episode: Xs2e1

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