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Gaeleth is a SisterWorlds campaign world with a rich history, dating back over ten thousand years into recorded history. It is a large world, full of mages, gods, dragons, and more. More than half-covered in water, with vast expanses of land, it suffers from mage-controlled weather patterns, remnants of the ancient ways, and the gravitic tug of being a moon world to the brown dwarf star known as Maroth.

Encyclopedia Gaelica

Sample Topics include:

Calendar * Campaigns * Constellations and Stars * Currency * Divinities * Ecology * History * Languages * Magic * Maps * Mercantile * People * Places * Races * Science * Ships * Special Metals * Stories * Travel Times * Vision Types

Common Knowledge

Five centuries ago, the Dark God, Nathel, nearly conquered the world. Only the druids of the Karatikan Alliance stood in the Dark God's way. Mages from both sides wreaked havoc on the world and the lands, giving name to the Storm Wars. New gods rose to counter the Dark God; working together, the God of Light, Arpelos, and Yatindar, the God of Justice, slew Nathel, and brought peace to the land. The prophets of all the gods then spoke together, and said 'The mages must be silent, or the Dark God will return'. An Inquisition began, wiping out most of the mages, and the dragons, and many of the creatures of magic. Fifteen years ago, the War of the Undead was begun by the evil necromancer Demik Coruth. Demik raised even the Dark God from the dead – proving for most of the world that the Inquisition was right. The people of the newly-founded Rakore are proud that their mages countered Demik Coruth and ended the War of the Undead after only five years. And with the war over, a great moon came into the sky, so large that it altered the tides and lit up the night with the blood of the fallen. Only eighteen months ago, the orcs, ogres, and kobolds of the nearby deserts invaded dwarf-led Rakore. The ograns were only the first to invade – and they were soon followed by the Inquisition, and then the scions of the Dark God himself. And then Rakore was betrayed by the Traitor, Duke Herod Notimeh; the duke nearly killed the king, and it was he that had led the way for the ograns to invade. To most, he is the 'fourth wind' in the War of the Four Winds. Some of the Inquisition's people rebelled, and joined Rakore in its struggle to survive. Then the mages began to sacrifice themselves, and in so doing, wiped out many of their enemies. Ograns began defecting to Rakore rather than face such sacrificial mages in the field. Now Rakore has a duchy of orcs, a duchy of kobolds, a duchy of dark elves, a duchy of Inquisitors, and more.

Uncommon Knowledge

The Rakoran king created a special military arm, known as Fire Storm, to counteract Demik Coruth during the War of the Undead. The members of the elite unit all bear a special ring that allows them to draw upon the massive economical might of Gideon Enterprises, the largest merchant company in Rakore. Gideon Enterprises is owned and managed by the Baron-and-the-Bishop Dwarfendale, the elite desert elven archer Baron Malkir, and the ferocious dwarf who calls himself Rottgutt Stoneballs and earned the title of Thane. Members of Fire Storm travel the world, searching for mages, and ferrying them back to Rakore – where they will be safe from the Inquisition, and free to learn more of the arcane. The mages brought back can sometimes work one of the ancient Towers, a powerful means of teleportation that can move entire navies – and it was the Tower within Rakore that was used by enemy agents to bring in the Nabrolian forces when the ograns invaded. Fire Storm also seeks out the last of the Marksmen – a mercenary company that worked for the Traitor, and helped the ograns invade Rakore. Gideon Enterprises, acting as a neutral merchant company, is the eyes and ears of Rakore, selling fine dwarf-made chain, and operating some of the finest ships in all the world. Arguably the heart of Gideon Enterprises, and the master of Fire Storm, is Rial Mhenace – an advisor to the king a manager of incredible talent. Rial and others know of the Dragon Nation – a whole country of the last known dragons, who rule together rather than fall separately to the Inquisition. Just a few scant years ago, the Dragon Nation wiped out an entire army of the Inquisition. Despite all that Rakore has endured, the peace is tentative; unrest stalks the land, and old racial hatreds are resurfacing – orc against human, elf against dwarf.

Secret Knowledge

The mages never had the power to sacrifice themselves. Instead, they used Storm War era weapons of such power that they could wipe out entire cities. Members of the Inquisition found the weapons and first used it on a Rakoran ship-building city known as Tulish. Fire Storm wiped out as many Inquisitors as they could that knew of the weapons, and then secured them in a secret vault. The king could have use the weapons at any time during the War of the Four Winds, but had to hold off as long as possible – or the Inquisition would pull together hard enough to wipe out Rakore, despite a win over the ograns and the Nabrolians. The king's advisor on magic unlocked the secret of the dragons' victory over the Inquisition, and used that one spell to sacrifice himself such that an ogran army was destroyed – thus confusing any prophets or Inquisitors that might seek to find the secrets of the Storm War era weapons. More disquieting, Demik's reign of terror awakened the 'fourth wind' for which the war was named – the Dharveil, a race of ancient and evil elves that once ruled the lands. It was the Dharveil that allowed the ograns to invade Rakore, and now they wage a secret war against all the living, including the desert elves that were originally bred to be their protectors.

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