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Places of Gaeleth

“We're working on getting an interactive map system going for the DokuWiki version of the SisterWorlds; until that happens, we'll have to work with what we've got.” -Joe Parish

Nations and States

Al Fahim - a desert-dwelling people
Alekdan Principalities – pirate (slave owning) princes in an uneasy alliance
Amar Tribes - a technologically primitive people with highly advanced nature skills
Ogre Nations - ogre magi that enslaved orcs and kobolds
Sholin Tribes - ocean-going nomads or coastal kingdoms
Toomar Tribes - horse and oxen-riding nomads of the plains
Vridara - a formidable empire on the edge of the wilderness
Wuron S'fa - a nation of dragons and dragon-born
Rakore - a kingdom of freemen who are friends to mages
Rakore, Hallis Island - a prison island for Rakore
Sandar - a nation of mafioso
Chandral - whalers and seafarers
Nor - a monastic land ruled by the abbots
Fugo Kingdoms - 25 kingdoms of peasant martial artists
Franar - ancient high desert dwellers with a long history
Halinar Duchies - a confederation of nobles with unique styles

City States

Kur Maeth - a city of paladins built upon a city of slavers



Chasadan; second largest city
Fasra; capital of Janis Plains Duchy
Firland; western outpost port
Gridolin; capital of Hallis Island Duchy
Kashin; largest city in Rakore
Rilan; central trading city
River Crown; trading hub in the Janis Plains
Rustos; small plains village
Takanal; center of healing
Teras; primary port of trade
Tulish, Rakore; city destroyed in 1328 Avard


Unique Locations

Lok Magius, Rakore
Star's End Monastery, Rakore
Silent Spring - Tavern in Kashin
Old One Eye's - Tavern in Teras
The Green Fist - Tavern in Teras
Orchid's Dew - Tavern in Teras

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