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Magic And Spells

What is magic?

There are as many answers as there are questions, across the planes, on all the worlds, throughout the multiverse. On Gaeleth, and throughout the Sisterworlds, the ADN Protocols of magic preside. These protocols – defining Arcane, Divine, and Natural magic – give players a base for understanding the background, rational, and mentality of Gaeleth's magic.


Mages in the nation of Rakore have reawakened some of the ancient rankings once used by another era.

'Mage' is a general descriptor for all of those that use the arcane powers. Since the founding of the Lok Magius academy, a number of new rankings have been created to describe the mages within the Rakoran ranking systems. Each ranking receives a specially-made, arcane-infused ring that serves as a signet of the Rakoran kingdom's designated mages. A circle of arcanists and higher-ranking mages gathers once a year to determine the status of mages that petition for rank, though the king, the archimagus, and the King's Advisor on the Arcane have the authority to grant certain titles on their own. Mages that are not graduates of Lok Magius are often tested by a circle of mages and awarded an equivalent title based off of their skills.

Initiates are mages who have begun their training, where the generic 'mage' is often given to informally trained or self-taught mages. Aetherist is a title given to mages that receive additional, personalized training beneath a master usually of arcanist ranking. Thaumaturgist is a title given to mages that have added or found at least one new item or spell to the general body of knowledge of the arcane. Arcanist is a title not bestowed lightly, only those of arcanist or higher ranks can sit on a 'circle of mages'. Magus is a title given by the ArchiMagus, the King, or the King's Advisor on the Arcane. ArchiMagus is the title given to the second most senior mage in Rakore, by the king himself and often runs the Lok Magius academy.


Those sensitive to magics can sometimes 'see' them as particular auras or colors, much as bees can see ultraviolet light and pit vipers can 'see' heat. The colors given below are a rough, general translation of the magical auras into more common colors.

Color Aura Gem School of Magic Description of Magic
Black Onyx Necromancy / Healing Alters time; animates dead; heals
Red Ruby Evocation Directed, transformed energy, such as fire or ice
Orange Amber Conjuration Teleportation, dimensional travel, flight
Gold Citrine Transmutation Alters matter, imbues bindings
Green Emerald Illusion Illusions, invisibility
Blue Sapphire Abjuration Runes, enchantments, trammels
Purple Amethyst Enchantment Charms, enchantments, soul alterations
White Diamond Divination Telepathy, weather, spirits, scrying, auguries


Some items are more easily imbued with spells than others. As indicated in the auras above, certain gems can be associated with certain powers. In addition, other objects can store spell types or kinds more easily than gems. For example, ebonite is a rare black metal that absorbs sound and light, and thus easily takes to spells of a similar nature.

Spell Books

Spellbooks are the lives and livelihood of wizards. Without them, most mages have nowhere to store their spells, no way to travel with enough firepower or protection, and frustration aplenty in advancing their art. Included here is a small list of spellbooks available throughout the world.

Mage's books can be found in a number of places, but rarely are more than a few together in any one place. The Inquisition took a number of spellbooks from the mages, and placed them in cache-vaults scattered across the world. During the War of the Undead, many of the cache-vaults were broken into by the necromancer Demik Coruth and his cohorts, and others were breached by the elite team of Firestorm from Rakore. Many spellbooks remain locked within the vaults of the Inquisition-aligned churches, and still others are scattered across the face of Gaeleth – never found by anyone.

Tenabrin (general mage)
Kintala (necromancer)
Cole Toola (general mage)
Antolin Vrijel (conjurer)
Sandrimos (rogue-mage)
Dalan Hornung (wild mage)
Decatur Mournlithe (necromancer)
Forst (var gauf)
Leselle Anarkame (abjurer)
Antares Firel (bard)
Mirculax (enchanter)
Drurdar Mon Tane (water elementalist)
Durigar Sethmaul (necromancer)
Avelar Mon Daern (general wizard)
Soldan Haval (fighter-mage)
Tugren Halbot (wizard)
Beral Mnaillo (wizard)
Gil Lyle (wizard)

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