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Mirculax's Spellbook

During the Storm Wars, many of the most powerful mages in the world gathered about one or the other of the two banners in the wars. Mirculax rallied to the Nathelian banner. A powerful illusionist, as well as an enchanter, the Nathelian native taught a generation of illusionists, as well as crafting powerful magical items for the southern forces. In the aftermath of the Inquisition, Mirculax was lured away from his tower and murdered by pirests of Nabrol, but not before he could cast a protective spell of considerable power to hide his tower from prying eyes.

Protection: Anyone touching this massive tome without uttering the command word, will be the subject of a sink spell that will entomb him in the very earth beneath his feet. Before anyone can even touch the book, they must get past the powerful suggestive defense of the tome; anyone approaching within thirty-five feet of the tome is subject to the spell, unless the single command word is spoken. The suggestion is given through a polyglot spell, so that anyone who hears it, understands it: “Leave, lest the power of this book destroy thee”.

Notes: (Written in Nathelian.) Mirculax details the construction of many of his devestating magical items, including the Bloodlust longsword, the manacles of pain, and the rods of control. The last item detailed in the book was a bracer that would store magical spells in the form of programmed enchantments, but it was uncompleted. The enchanter was not a truly evil man, but he had a rugged and nasty outlook on the world. So long as he could perform his research, and so long as the Nathelians supplied him with test subjects and magical items, he was content.

Spells: Read magic, detect magic, cantrips, sink, mass charm, enchant an object, permanency, permanent illusion, screen, mislead, dream, vacancy, wraithform, Leomund's trap, blindness, phantasmal force, phantasmal killer, spectral force, bind, ray of enfeeblement, hold person, charm monster, enchanted weapon, magic mirror, extension II, transmute water to dust, move earth, light, wizard mark, magic mouth, shatter, teleport, minor globe of invulnerability, repulsion, ESP, detect scrying, true seeing, domination, summon shadow, invisible stalker, limited wish, grease.

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