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Campaign X, Season 2, Episode 3

Dealer in Demons

Location: Kashin, Tongue Wrecker Tavern & Inn

Date: Cal 14th, 1333 Avard

Characters: Beth, Gruck, Mialee

Norion of the Lyle House asked Eingrim the Gold to look for one of the books stolen from Lok Magius. Eingrim's compass, normally quite capable of finding such an object anywhere in the world, was stymied – indicating that the book's location was shielded. Eingrim asked Beth and Gruck and Mialee to speak with Oban the thief about the book, as Oban and his friends might know who in the city dealt in stolen mage items.

Gruck handled Norion poorly, and the mage teleported back to the Lyle House inadvertently taking Mialee with him. She had to trek a quarter of the way across town to rejoin the group.

After Mialee's return, the party started at the Black Rose tavern, where they found Oban's compatriots Tharo and Kaden. Their pit boss, after appropriate posturing and an exchange of coin, pointed them to a man called Paedent. Paedent ran a clothier shop, but was also a fence in arcane or obscure items.

While checking out Paedent's shoppe, they observed a man coming in and wanting to know more about a specific type of cloth that was apparently only found in the back of the store. Paedant stepped into the back room with the man, and Beth projected the name of the cloth into Paedant's head repeatedly, driving him to shriek and call for priests. The man ran out of the store to go get priests, and the team discovered draperies in the room hiding many low-strength arcane items.

Pulling out and observing from the street, they saw several priests of Lul come to check on Paedant – as well as a local woman in a hooded cloak.

The local woman turned out to run a perfumery, but a stealthy recon from the roof and the alleyway's second story windows showed that she was into demon-summoning.

The team took their information to Eingrim, who in turn took the information to Norion. They had a tense stand off as Norion's ascerbic personality and Beth clashed horribly. Beth's patron, a lich beholder, demanded that she turn over an item to him – only she thought it was the same item Norion demanded from her, an item they had stolen from the perfumery's room.

After leaving the Lyle House, the party was set upon by a team of assassins – one of whom they managed to catch. He was a man of the Lord of Silver Chisels, a leader of stonemasons with the rank of Thane. Thanes were nobility, and the Lord of Silver Chisels was often seen at the Tongue Wrecker, speaking with the owner and buying information for coin.

Working with Eingrim and the Tongue Wrecker's owner, Halgrun, the team was able to convince the would-be assassin to reveal far more than he bargained for. The Lord of Silver Chisels often payed Ayra the Perfumeress for her demonic potions or instructions, as Thane Munghow had a secret fetish for desecrating holy items that he bought from her. She supplied the wealthy and powerful that were corrupt in Kashin with the keys to forbidden powers.

Armed with this information, Beth sought to summon a conference with her patron, Ixlnb. The lich beholder considered the assassin's words, and then warned Beth against turning to the Guard for help. It was likely that other nobles, higher up in Kashin's ranks, would find a way to silence the investigation – and silence his warlock, permanently.

With Ixlnb's advice, Eingrim encouraged them to speak, again, with Norion.

Norion and his man-at-arms Marco led them back to the perfumery as soon as they were made aware of the situation. Arriving just after sunset, they found the perfumery locked, but Norion blew out the lock with magic and rushed inside.

Rousing Ayra the Perfumist from bed, she met them at the top of the stairs with a human femur scepter, a skull with large jewels in its eyes, and an undead eye stalk of a beholder floating around her head. Gruck was sent to sleep by the eye stalk, and the skull's gems were used to summon two blobs' of tentacles that grasped at the party and blocked the stairs. The femur activated Norion's teleport, sending him back to the Lyle House.

While the party battled the tentacles trying to eat them, Ayra ran out the back – but not before setting in motion something even more frightening to cover her escape.

Eingrim's spell repertoire was severely limited on account of the thieves Oban, Tharo, and Kaden several nights prior. He responded as best he could, though, until Marco accidentally shot him with one of the enchanted crossbow bolts that could penetrate magics.

They battled the tentacle-demons until one was defeated and Eingrim had been thrown down the stairs, and then Mialee could use a thunderous spell to attack the remaining demon and throw it free of Gruck. The spell also threw Gruck through the wall into the next room.

Gruck, seeing a summon vulture-like demon taller even than himself, called for aid. Eingrim had a spell that could send the demon back, but he needed to get into the room, past the tentacled demon. Beth managed to yeet the poor man through the tentacle demon to Gruck, who managed to pull Eingrim into the room at great risk to himself. The vulture demon struck, tearing off gobbets of meat from Gruck and nearly killing him.

Eingrim's spell sent the demon back to wherever it was summoned from, but then the second tentacle demon attacked him and began to feast on Gruck's helpless form. Eingrim pulled Gruck free with a super speed spell, but with nowhere to go, ran smack into a wall, even as Gruck's body slammed into him, knocking him out for a moment.

Mialee and Beth and Marco managed to finish off the tentacle demon, and one last blast from Beth blew the demon into bits.

Only as Eingrim was reviving Gruck did Norion run in, panting and angry that they let Ayra the Perfumeress get away.

Norion and Marco cleared out the demonic items, including a demonic summoning circle sewn into a rug that had called the vulture-like demon. Norion left everything else for the team, including the acid remains of the tentacled demons.

Behind the Scenes

Date: JAN2020

DM's Notes: First session in the house in Longwood. Austin couldn't make it, but Michael could stay later than usual. Gabriel was a little $#!% – opened a package of mine, wrote on furniture, throwing his T-ball bat at the wall, playing with /all/ the fragile and off-limits things, making as much noise as possible… Any other day, and he would have happily been on his computer playing games, but today he was a pain in the arse. I even found a glass candle earlier in the day that he had broken sometime in the last few days, the splinters of which explained bloody dog paw prints! Oi!

Reference: Campaign X
Previous Episode: Xs2e2
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