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Campaign X, Season 3, Episode 1

The Aquaholic

Location: Firland and the seas west of it

Date: Early Fall of 1333 Avard

Characters: Kava, Bell, Taklak

Bell, captain of the yacht Aquaholic, left Firland in a hurry. She got into yet another bar fight. She was running low on alcohol and money, but… she couldn't help herself.

Once she was far enough away from Firland and into the deep currents, and well away from known rocks and shoals and shallows, she set a sea anchor passed out.

Her stowaway woke her.

He was a kobold, but he seemed smarter than the average kobold – and his mechanical spider the size of a small dog upgraded his intelligence, in her eyes. Despite the 'smart' kobold status, she tried to toss the child-sized lizard off of her boat, but he spoke to her, pleading to stay, for he, too, was fleeing Firland.

A display of his pyrotechnics drew the attention of a wandering sea elf named Kava. The sea elf was tired of her people's isolation, and chose to seek surface dwellers in the sea lanes. Unfortunately, she knew little of the surface dwellers' customs.

The three of them spoke, trying to come to terms with one another. Bell could toss the sea elf off the ship again and again, but to little effect, as she lived in the sea! The kobold's mechanical spider could climb as well as she could, and he made pleading arguments that her alcohol-befuddled mind had trouble countering.

Bell eventually realized that the two could be crew without having to pay them well. The kobold, named Taklak, was fleeing mechanical hunters on land. The sea elf knew nothing of surface living, including currency.

They ran into Captain Taugin of the carrack Red Owl, who also had seen the flares Taklak put up. Captain Taugin was an old friend of Bell's, and hosted all three of them aboard his ship, and treated them to drinks and stories.

Over the next week while they learned to work together and sail as a team, they visited one of Kava's sunken ships – and secured a small chest of golden coins. The coins, oddly enough, turned to lead after a few minutes being removed from the chest. The chest turned out to be enchanted, mostly stuffed with lead coins and a smattering of true gold.

They decided to head for Teras, where the chest could be used with trade in from the Aquaholic to upgrade to a new ship, large enough for the three of them and yet not too large for a crew of one and two halves sailors.

Behind the Scenes

Date: APR2020

DM's Notes: We played a one-shot campaign in August of 2019, and Sualy so loved one of the characters, that we decided to bring her back for a series. So, here's Bell, ten years later!

Reference: Campaign X
Next Episode: Xs3e2

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