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Campaign X, Season 2, Episode 32

Racing After a Hiatus

Location: Rilan

Date: Dalan the 3rd, 1335 Avard

Characters: Chimes, Hiko, Toox, Roland

Bullet Notes:
A year passed, during which:
* Several farmer families added to Black Feather Fort
* Land around the fort cleared to make way for farms
* Eingrim overcame necromancy poisoning and became a full-fledged artificer
* Teams sent out to peruse various libraries
* The team went went to Kashin and Mount Lavanor
* They talked their way into a secret library stash at a merchant's villa
* The secret library held a journal a thousand years old from a dwarf from Lok Durass
* The team went to Chasadan
* They met with Roswyn the Gnome and exchanged books and items and equipment on artificing
* The team went to Star's End
* They translated a number of tomes linking demon summoning, arcanogen, and Lok Durass

A messenger from Rilan arrived with an urgent message for Eingrim: Ashaltimont the Black and a full platoon of orc mercenaries were already almost two days out and headed for Lok Durass. Research over the past year at multiple libraries lead Eingrim to think there might be a cure for the arcanogen at Lok Durass, although no one had ever found the dwarven fortress. If Ashaltimont knew where it was, then the Black Feather Troupe had to beat him there. They flew to the ferry, where the ferryman told them Ashaltimont's crossing, there. They found the orcs' tracks, and flew ahead to Thalessa's farmhold expecting a disaster – only to find that the orcs had camped, traded, and moved out after only four hours. They were moving at a forced march towards the west by north-west.

Behind the Scenes

Date: JAN2021

DM's Notes: After several months away from their favorite characters, the group was ready to return to the Black Feather Troupe. I let the party have three Common items, two Uncommon items, and one Rare item, and we calculated income for the year, as well (5gp per day, plus Profession checks with Proficiency and whatever bonus applied, minus living expenses and any items purchased from that total). They also made some items of their own, such as a Crown of Clairvoyance for Chimes. Meanwhile, I had been to Northern California, where the beauty of the land had shaped an idea for a module.

Reference: Campaign X
Previous Episode: Xs2e31
Next Episode: Xs2e33

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