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Campaign X, Season 2, Episode 33

Ahead of Ashaltimont

Location: Rakoran Forests west of Rilan

Date: Dalan the 3rd-4th, 1335 Avard

Characters: Chimes, Hiko, Toox, Roland

Bullet Notes:
* The troupe managed to find the orcs moving across the landscape
* Hiko and Chimes used their familiars to spy upon the platoon and Ashaltimont, while maintaining a distance
* Hiko hatched a plan to steal Ashaltimont's map – and it was successful
* The troupe's regular encounters with demons and others trying to scry them helped prevent Ashaltimont from trying to scry the map, even if he could
* The team raced ahead, only to encounter a massive antimagic field near a valley.
* Wary of the antimagic field, they followed the smell of smoke to a small farmhold in the midst of a 2mi wide antimagic zone
* The troupe peacefully encountered the Donnagers (Frank, Tyra, Elba, and Sam) and performed for a stay in their barn
* Frank Donnager had been an Inquisitor Paladin of Yatindar, but withdrew to a place where no magic could work – even the magic of the gods
* Frank warned them that the valley was haunted by more than 'tros' (man-sized slashing lizards of fast speed)
* Troupe set out on the morn and made it through the pass and into the valley, ahead of Ashaltimont
* Troupe took the 'high road', finding landslides, rain, and an illusory statue of a bear.

Behind the Scenes

Date: FEB2021

DM's Notes: I started this one fully prepared for the team to try a crazy attack on a platoon of orcs and Ashaltimont – but they chose discretion over valor, and I'm proud of them. Hiko's theft of the map was absolutely brilliant; Chimes made his owl familiar (greater) invisible, and then Hiko got the multi-itemed familiar in close enough to snatch the map right out of Ashaltimont's hand. The orc troop dropped into defensive formation, ready to engage an enemy, but there was no one nearby. Chimes' familiar had acted as scout, before being blasted away by Ashaltimont.

Reference: Campaign X
Previous Episode: Xs2e32
Next Episode: Xs2e34

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